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On average how good-looking are the women in Ireland?

And also, what are the features of the women there? I have heard Dublin has more red-heads from the viking influence and Galway has more brunettes from the Spanish influence. Is this true? (I love brunettes).

If this question angers you, then you can kindly move along. I don't need any lectures when you're not perfect yourself.

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Irish cutie!!
Us Irish girls??? We are the best looking in da world!! hehe!!!
Especially with our charms and non stop talking!!!

And what you said bout red heads and brunettes is a loada bull!!

The Red Heads have a Northern Influence in that they mostly come from the Northern Counties. A Family that I grew up with had all Red Hair or a Combination of Reddish Fair Hair in Dublin ,but their Parents Originally came from West Belfast. A few People that I knew who had Red Hair either Originally came from Monaghan or Donegal or their Parents came from there or it was in their Ancestry. But you can find Red Heads all over they are not confined to one part of the Country anymore.

Traditionally the Norman Viking Fair Haired and Brown Haired and Blue Eyed People are from the East Coast but there again you will find them everywhere.

The Black Haired People are supposed to be the most Irish of all Etnically and the Greatest Majority of them are to be found in the West of the Country and are said to Descend from the Mellesian People of Spain who were supposed to be the first to settle in Ireland 5,000 Years ago, but there again you will find Brunettes all over the Country.

Irish Women are for the most part very Beautiful with Great Figures and are generally very nice and Charming with good Manners but I Second what Crazy Girl said you can get all Types of People like she said with Problems like some let themselves go after they reach their Thirties or others who go out on the Razzle and get Drunk all the time.
But you get the same thing with Men as well, most Teenagers just go Wild at the Weekends and try and get as Drunk as possible. A lot settle down after the Age of 25 but some never settle down and the Drinking and sometimes Drug Taking gradually Destroys their Lives.

Well statistically there are actually more Scottish with Red hair than Irish.

I would say Irish women range from a nine out of ten but also range to a one out of ten.

I am an Irish woman myself and personally, I think Irish women can look really hot or they look horrid. Sorry my fellow Irish people. But please read the rest of my answer. I can assure you I am not angry. Lol.

A lot of Irish women look nice when they are young but let them selves go to the dogs in their mid to late 20s.I mean they really let themselves go.

It depends too on the person I think. Many Irish women do not have much confidence or belief within themselves. Personally I think this has got far worse sense the Recession. Some Irish girls (but not all) like to engage in over drinking and are basically drawn to the wrong type of man or women. This is a bad combination and a dangerous one at that.

I find this very sad to see because a lot of Irish girls are very nice, only for the fact that they have bad self-esteem. They let other people be-little them. I will probably get loads of thumbs down for this answer but it is an honest answer non the less.

Anyway, of course when an Irish woman is good looking they are the makings of a total babe. I find the good-looking Irish girls have the nicest hearts of all and are very hard working and really good people.

But lots of people disagree with me on this.
But true beauty always shines true in the end.

In relation to Physical features there is no set features. Mostly long dark hair and pale skin. An hour glass figure.

But if a person is beautiful on the inside there will seem more physical attractive through time, Irish or otherwise.

Treat a women right and they will always be beautiful in your eyes.

Hope this answer helped.

James G
bit of a generalisation

migration over the last few decades has well mixed us up.

at the basic end, i am an ulster resident and there are more redheads (am married to one) up this way than in Dublin (am a native of Dublin).

my dear friend, a native of Galway looks so Spanish i sometimes wonder. we also have six blondes on the island (only joking ladies)

Jessica W
Its weird, most of the irish girls are beautiful but you get scared of them because they have put so much make up on. Ive often thought that if they didnt try so hard they'd be flippen hot.

No, it's not true, red heads can be difficult to find & if there are a lot brunettes in Galway it's probably because a lot of Brazilians have set up home in the county

Irish women are the fairest of them all, as for red hair, not all that common really, my son has red hair, and there are a few other boys around with red hair, i only know two women with red hair, but tons of brunettes, im one myself, Irish women are by far the best looking on the planet

tbh the irish in general (not including me) look like the back of a bus! And loads are fat too! Not me tho!:-D

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