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Steph M

Rare green stone only found in Ireland? What's the name of it?

My boyfriend went to Ireland three years ago and brought me back a necklace that had a type of green stone in it. He said that they only had the stone in Ireland and that it was becoming increasingly rare? Does anyone know the name of it? He said the Connemara was NOT the name...

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Father Ted Crilly
That would be the Holy Green Stone of Clonrichert.
Very rare indeed. You can get a limited edition chip of it for just ?150.
All enquiries to Father Ted Crilly, The Parochial House, Craggy Island.

Bless you!

Hmm... please give a few more details on it. Its green and found in ireland but do you know anything else about it? If the color looks like this one, it is a green stone...

are you making this up or are you just American?

I think you'll find the stone you talk of is the stone that is mysteriously layed in the ground by the fairies and later quarried by the the leprechauns of Blarney, County Cork in order to stop the witches from using it in their evil potions.

Insert Name Here
Becoming so rare us Irish haven't even heard of it!

Theres Connemara Marble which is green, but you said that Connemara isn't in the name. Google didn't bring up anything either. Some pendants use shell which can be treated with a green dye. Or emerald which is green but thats not native to Ireland...Think your boyfriend has some 'splainin to do...or the person who sold it to him was very convincing.

???????? мι?
Well there is green Connemara marble?

Emeralds? But there found all over the world, I don't even know if you can mine them in Ireland. Just 'Emerald Isle' and all that jazz?

I'm sure, he was talking about emeralds.
However, jades and peridots are also green stones.

Trust me I'm a Doctor ?
I think he was having you on, made it sound really special when it was probably an emerald, which is still very nice by the way, nobody ever bought me an emerald necklace.

I googled "rare green stone ireland" and found nothing I'm sorry.

Did your boyfriend kiss the Blarney Stone by any chance!

I think he is pulling your leg, we have been to Ireland quite a few times and have never heard of, or seen, such a stone.

Like a Fox
Sounds like he was pulling your leg. It's more likely he made it up about the stone to impress you or that someone was telling him fibs instead to sell it.

If you really want to know have a jeweller look at it, they'll tell you what it really is.

It does sound like marble. What's the stone look like?

I should be doing something else
I think someone's been having him on.

The only stone it could have been as the others have said is Connemara Marble. Does it look anything like any of these?

If not, theres nothing else that I know of that it could have been.

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