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Tell me about Ireland..............?

THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN IRELAND!! I don't care what you talk about, as long as it's not bad. Just tell me about a day in your life, or what's popular in Ireland, or how beautiful it is, or how I really should try to win the lottery and go there. Just talk about everything, even the things you take for granted in your every-day life. Just talk about it. My dream is to move there when I grow up. I have alot of Irish heritage in me, but I have never been which makes me sooo sad.... The one who satisfies my desire the most will get ten oints, but please tell the truth. Oh, and has anyone ever heard of Celtic Thunder. I don't think their that populized their but they are from Ireland and Scotland and they are touring the US now. If you have, please say so. My favorites are Damian McGinty and Keith Harkin. But just tell me about Ireland....
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My family came to America from County Mayo in 1895. I think we still have some long-lost relatives in Ballycastle.

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If anyone should come to Ireland you should, for someone who has never been you sound in love with this country and I can see why. You should save up and come for a visit. If you do you have to visit Killarney in Co. Kerry. I actually live at the other end of the country but Killarney has the most beautiful scenery you will ever see.

From the rolling hills and mountains to Dunloe gap where you can see so far through the valleys and hear your voice echo back to the still waters of the beautiful lakes, every inch of it is beautiful.

As for daily life, its like anywhere I suppose we get up go to work come home do housework etc the only difference may be the weather, it is extremely cold in Ireland compared to America.

Stew is a favourite dinner food in winter and we probably eat more potatoes than Americans for sure. Also traditional Irish music is good if you find a real Irish pub you can have a great night out.

We are fond of alcohol and their is a lot of outdoor sports you can do here. There is not many big cities in Ireland and they are a lot smaller than any city in America. Ireland does have a lot of small towns but most places you go will be very scenic.

The thing we probably take most for granted is the outdoors, we can have the most beautiful scenery right on our doorstep and not take advantage of it.

I dont know if you have ever heard of the Dubliners but listen to some of their songs, thats a good representation of Ireland!!!

I'm bored of being bored
well actualy I haven't heard of Celtic Thunder, they wouldnt be popular I would think.

Ok so what do you want to know about Ireland?

Yes the scenery is beautiful, I love it, rolling hills everywhere, and green fields all over the place; and there is such a variety of landscapes, like The Burren, compared to BrĂº na Boinne, they are soo different. And there is sooo much history and culture here, we are in some ways so different to everyone else in the world. I cant think of anything much else to say, but if you want to ask me anything feel free to email

Hi , im from county Mayo on the west coast , spend most of my time in Galway city on the west coast , where i go to college.
Ok , the weather is usually wet and cold.College is great , its a lot of fun.
Galway has an awful lot of pubs, its great.
Galway city has shop street where in the afternooon or early evening if you walk down there , on a sunny and cool day , it can be great because you might come across a good busker singing or something which makes the place so relaxing, because you can sit outside the pubs and listen whilst having a pint or whatever.
You'il love how friendly everyone is, its just how we are.
I love 4 star pizza in the city , its great, i order it too much , burns a hole in my pocket lolz
You'il come across alot of slang you probably never heard of too
like, whats the craic , and yea thats sound , and omg i was so fuuuuuuckin locked las night etc......lolz
I guess i could go alot more into it but i dont fancy plastering my life story on the internet haha

Wanna know more than email or IM me or whatevs =]


if thats the case your long lost relatives might live just over an hour away from me lol

I'm not from Ireland but I'm an American of Irish descent and I've been to Ireland several times. Honestly, it's just as beautiful as all the pics you've ever seen. Everyone I came across, be they from the north or the south, was just so incredibly friendly -- even the taxi drivers!! They have all the same modern benefits of any developed country -- malls, supermarkets, etc. but they have that old rustic architecture and charm that you just can't get in the States. Also, the grass is beautifully green everywhere you go. It is just a wonderful, wonderful place and you should definitely save up for a trip there.

It was freezing today and I can't stand the cold, so I spent all day in college because it's so much warmer there than in my house. Even though it's so cold, this is my favourite type of weather - you can't get much better than those crisp, sunny winter days. I love waking up and seeing everything covered in frost. When college closed I went to town, where there was a Christmas market with lots of food stalls, Christmas lights, a fake snow machine and people walking around in costume. I'd had no lunch so I bought my first mince pie of the year, and it was good. It got me in the Christmas mood. What I'm looking forward to most about Christmas is spiced beef. This is beef that's been soaked in sugar and spices for about 2 weeks, and it's always eaten at Christmas in Cork, where I live. It's beautiful in sandwiches.

I've never heard of Celtic Thunder, so I just looked them up on youtube. I don't like their kind of music to be honest, it's too "stage Irish" for my taste. Actually the word "Celtic" in the name of any music group puts me right off them. But I'm sorry, you only wanted to hear positive things... here's some Irish songs I like:
Spancil Hill:
The Foggy Dew:
Raglan Road:
King of the Fairies:

Hope you get to come to Ireland some day.

I've never heard of any of those people! You seem to have a romantic notion of Ireland! In reality it's just like most other countries, only colder and we have different accents.

Typical day for me;
Get up at 7, get ready for school, wrap up warm because it's freezing!
8:15-8:45- Journey to school, road are icy so we have to go slow. I suppose we take the countryside for granted, it is actually very nice but i hardly even look out the window of the car!
8:45-3:50 is school (very difficult schoolsystem)
3:50-4:30 driving home from school (bad traffic)
4:30-5:00 relax
5:00 Have dinner, lasagne, curry, pasta, whatever,(we don't eat stew 24/7!) Then a cup of tea.
5:30-8:00 Homework
8:00-8:30 study
8:30-9:00 bedtime routine, brush teeth, pjs, remove make-up, clean skin.
9:00-10:00 read or watch tv (usually miami ink!)
Then sleep, I know it seems early, but i'm always knackered!

sorry, it's pretty mundane. today i'm just hanging around studying for christmas exams! These days I don't leave the house unless i need to because it's COLD!

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