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Tell me about Ireland..............?

THIS IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN IRELAND!! I don't care what you talk about, as long as it's not bad. Just tell me about a day in your life, or what's popular in Ireland, or how beautiful it is, or how I really should try to win the lottery and go there. Just talk about everything, even the things you take for granted in your every-day life. Just talk about it. My dream is to move there when I grow up. I have alot of Irish heritage in me, but I have never been which makes me sooo sad.... The one who satisfies my desire the most will get ten oints, but please tell the truth. Oh, and has anyone ever heard of Celtic Thunder. I don't think their that populized their but they are from Ireland and Scotland and they are touring the US now. If you have, please say so. My favorites are Damian McGinty and Keith Harkin. But just tell me about Ireland....
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My family came to America from County Mayo in 1895. I think we still have some long-lost relatives in Ballycastle.

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