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What do people wear in Ireland?

My friend and I are travelling to Ireland this summer. What should we wear to avoid looking like American tourists?

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Well, don't wear anything kelly green or bright orange. Nothing with the Irish flag on it. Just jeans and a long sleeved shirt with a collar and buttons up the front blends in pretty well. T-shirts, too. And blue jeans.

Here's an image of some people on Grafton Street in Dublin. Click the Link.

And typing in the words Belfast People on Yahoo!'s search feature (Images) yeilds a treasure trove of pictures of Irish people in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They all seem to be wearing normal clothes you'd find anywhere in the U. S. or Europe.

Best of Luck on Your Trip and Have Fun.

Wear whatever you wear noramlly. There's no specific dress code for this country. Clothes are clothes. And to the first idiot there who was on about wearing green?! wtf...

Theres not too much difference between the clothing in Ireland and America. Its more of a style difference really... but jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, runners (ie.sneakers), are what most young people wear.

(Typical american tourists stand out because they tend to wear smart trousers with sneakers, raincoats, caps that say 'Ireland' on them, and Aran sweaters...)

Dont wear sunglasses on a cloudy day, true sign of a tourist.
Irish people look on clouds as gods sunglasses. We only wear sunglasses if its really bright and sunny, other wise you just look like and eejit.
Wearing shorts on a wet day is another one..... priceless.........

Just dress normally. We have all the same shops here that they have in london, etc. so there's no difference in the way we dress to the way they dress anywhere else.

Charlotte C
Honestly-American tourists only stick out in Ireland if they are fairly old-velour sweatpants, polyester pants, fannypacks etc. Jeremy, you seem fairly young so wear your normal clothes and you won't stick out too much. Generally we can tell who the tourists are in any case-but it's not really to do with the clothes. Enjoy your trip and don't worry about looking like an American-it's not a problem!!

wear your normal cloothes what was the first person who answered this question on about straw hats n green clothes. i've lived in ireland all my life and never know anyon to dress like this

Don't listen to all those messers, they are trying to make you look stupid. Its what DVO said, the first answer - that is exactly how we dress.

come dressed as you please d what you fell comfortably in and most of all enjoy your self's

i go to Trinity college and we see american tourists here every day. You can spot them from the other tourists in a number of ways (apart from the accent) - baseball caps, bumbags ('fanny packs'), ill fitting jeans and white runners, wind breakers/rain coats in the same colour (usually red)

plastic raincoats, wollen sweaters and anything that says "Ireland" on it usually points to an american tourist in ireland.

Clothes are pretty much homogonized at this point. There isn't much difference in what people where in Amsterday, New York, or London. If you want to try and fine tune your apparel, go to Google images and type in "Dublin" or some other town with street scenes. You can see what people are wearing that way.

In that case you need to wear as much 'green' as you can. The Irish are very patriotic and green is the predominent colur to wear. Try and get some green (dark) trousers and light green or even yellow 'tops'

You should also try wearing a trilby / straw boater style hat, as this is the national hat of Ireland.

Avoid any 'typically US clothes' i.e. No Jeans, No polo shirts, No Sneakers, No Sports coats, No white or blue or red clothes at all.

Good luck.

Hi Jeremy

Thank Cheesus I saw your question.
It doesn't matter what you wear, come naked if you like - but you MUST bring with you a very large umbrella that looks like a toadstool.

and everytime somebody talks to you, you MUST answer starting with "Begorra, is dat you yerself?"

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