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What is the warmest place in Ireland?

I've been looking at the weather in Ireland and somehow it seems like it never goes higher than 9C, is this true? What is the warmest, dryest place there? It gets quite cold here too (-14C in winter) but we have summer as well (42C). Does it ever get warm there?

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That is true.

None of Ireland is that warm but the warmest and most dry places would be the south, like in Kerry, Cork etc.
Coldest, Windiest and wettest is the north like Donegal, Derry etc.

Good Luck. = )

In the summer, it can get up to the mid 20s celsius. Usually the highest temperatures would be in the midlands, but only by a few degrees.

well i know it gets quite warm here in summer in dublin,because i've lived here all my life,but not a sweltering heat where you're uncomfortable

the coldest temps are in the midlands and east in winter
the warmest place is the midlands and east in summer (mid 20's)
it's driest around dublin,only about 600mm and its wettest in the west 2000mm

I don't tend to search for hot places, as I like the cold.. But I hear that Waterford is nice in the summer. You're pretty much guaranteed nice weather most of the time in the summer here these days, though. Just be prepared for random bouts of lashing rain, an unfortunate part of our weather.

that may be the average temperature when looking at a whole year but the average is not a good indication you should look for the median temp which is not affected by the extremes.
When you look at chicagos winter temps or moscow or even central and eastern europe our winters are mild, sure it rains but that is the price we pay for such a mild climate, summer or late spring to october can have temperatures from 13 to 25 degrees c,
Waterford cork and kerry would be warm, waterford would get the most sunshine.

Flame 187
in mo leaba !!! ZZZZzzzzz

Orla C
It gets warmer than 9C during the summer, in theory. Summer 2006 was incredibly warm and sunny (31C in some places), summer 2007 was not.

at the moment we call april the 4 seasons rain sun snow etc. the hottest day i can remember was 30c no one went to work to bloody hot

Elaine And Manus
Well they said that the South East is the sunniest

The south I'd think, as it's sheltered. Actually, I found Ireland to be fairly mild climate, even in winter - It can fall well below freezing in the US/Canada. You might get rain and the rare snow - but you hardly ever have a blizzard. Ireland felt warm by comparison! :)

wexford is warmer than the rest of the country

Guaranteed Irish!!!
well they say the sunny south east is.wexford enjoys more sunshine then any other county
check out link below

Misty Blue
Limerick on average

yeah the summer is the warmest!

n there isnt really any warmer place in ireland if so its only about 1 r 2C differents

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