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InuYasha chic

Where are the nicest most scenic cost effective places to live in Ireland and Scotland?

Hi I am in the US and we are going to be moving in a year and are considering Ireland and Scotland. We would need to live some place with jobs for computer programers but really like the countryside more then the cities. Cost is also a factor. Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer on this topic.

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Firstly, I have a common goal in that I would love to see Scotland as I have heard many pleasing comments on its people and the places it holds. So I refer you to the Scots themselves for advice on Scotland and my comment will only contain Irish knowledge.

It is an unusual set of adjectives for a places - "scenic cost effective", I had to think about it a little before giving an answer.

To be cost effective, the income must reasonably outweigh the cost of living there so in order to have work as computer programmers, I could recommend contacting agencies, in person, for that type of work in Ireland and here is a list
and there is an excellent body Enterprise Ireland that deals with Irish Companies that also have international components who would be worth contacting

Cost effectiveness will depend on how much you spend, so no advice except the old adage "Earn more than you spend!"

As for scenic in Ireland, assuming the cost effectiveness part gets underway are places that combine the sea and the mountains. Mountain biking used to be my hobby and I have seen some of the beautiful places that Ireland has to offer, and based on that experience I would name counties that I would recommend
- Wicklow
- Galway ('Djouces Country' is gorgeous)
- Kerry
- Antrim (and not to far from Scotland)
Cities, with suitable employment, that could not stretch too far from these beautiful places would be well worth considering and here is a website, for tourists I know, but will give you an idea of what those places have to offer.

Best of luck with your decision! :)

Orla C
I think that this is the wrong place to ask, to be honest. However, in Ireland you could look at the small towns of Shannon and Ennis, or indeed Leixlip. But everywhere in Ireland is kind of expensive, really.

Belfast - N.Ireland......and then your a 90 min ferry trip into the beautiful SW coast of Scotland - Dumfries and Galloway

glasgow ned
glasgow or just outside it and its only minutes away from loch lomond and plenty other scenic views all within a twenty minute drive!

michael w
belfast or dublin but the houses are expensive in dublin

In my opinion for scenic, you can't beat County Kerry in Ireland. It's absolutely beautiful. The cost of living is reasonable as well and it's only an hour's drive from Cork City.

domestic godess
If you like scenic places, you want somewhere that is within commuting distance to the major cities in scotland. some areas around coastal fife (st andrews etc) is nice and Edinburgh would be accessilbe form here. Stirling, Glasgow, Aberdeen are likely to be good employers, look for areas withing commuting distance to those

Donegal is beautiful, quite cheap i guess but harsh in winter.

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