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unc sam

Why do the irish hate lady margaret thatcher?

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Alan M
The Irish do not hate her only the extreme republican IRA supporters. Why. Because she was tough on these murderers. She let the murdeerrs in prison on hunger strike starve as was their wish. She did not give in to the IRA terrorists. They hated her. The world loved her.

Like a Fox
You're generalising a tad there.

She's not generally liked but at the same time, I think an awful lot of people hate her without actually knowing why.

As her policies have never effected me personally or my family, i cannot say i hate her or have reason to.

Because they can recognise scum when they see it.

Who Dat
Just the Irish? What about the Scottish and the English miners? She f*cked them over proper.

its not just the irish who hated her ,majority of the uk hated her.

Sinead O
No Idea, the Iron Lady, BARONESS Thatcher was the best PM the UK ever had and she took exactly the right stance against the so called 'prisoners of war' (read 'Terrorist Scum')

ziggy m
because she was an evil,spite-full,vindictive bi--h of a woman who left prisoners die needlessly in longkesh prison.if any person deserves to die an slow,agonizing pain-full death its her.The day i here shes after dieing i breed a sigh of relief...and her son isn't mush better

she hated Ireland, hated everything to do with it and let the hunger strikers starve to death instead of coming to some agreement! she is an anti-Irish hating horrible woman!
EDIT : koko and wiseguy nailed it on the head! some of the answers here need to look up there history

her famous quotation OUT OUT OUT to the peace proposals during the height of the terrorist activity alienated a lot of good, well meaning people, in Ireland.
"The Lady is not for Turning" will always be remembered, with people who were genuinely trying to find a compromise, to get back to peace on this island.
To say we hate her, is a bit too strong.

The Welsh and Scottish hate her more than us! Look up Frankie Boyle's jokes about her funeral!

тнιηк αgαιη
She dealt terribly with Bobby Sands and the hunger strikers amongst other things.

Brian M
all the Irish! dont generalise a very small amount of Republicans hated her. as others said she done most damage to the people she was supposed to be leading In Britain and the miners is just one example.

Google "Margaret Thatcher Ireland".

I hate that *****...she should have been killed by the provos a long time ago..she very lucky to be still alive...and most of the irish do hate her not because they supported the IRA because the way she delt with the matter...she called all irish(including people who had nothin to do with hem) terrorist and in that time the IRA werent considered terrierst they were freedom would say 90% of ireland hates her..she was a biast *****..and the world did love her either the hated her

She is a legend

peter d
She was a great PM and she took no s**t of anyone and that is why the Irish did not like her

Toisc go raibh sí ina bean olc aois a bhí fuath na daoine Gaeilge agus lig ár gcuid cimí polaitiúla gaeilge bás sa chathair ghríobháin

Orla C
As an Irish person, I have absolutely no opinion on Lady Thatcher.

Im Irish and dont hate her, I dont hate anyone. She did destroy villages and towns in England because of the unemployment she created.

whats up with the thumbs on these answers! I'd like an even amount of ups and downs please.

frank the bunny
Brian M:

"a very small amount of Republicans" what are you on i have never met an irish person that doesn't have hate in their heart for that MONSTER!!!!!! im irish and have lived here my whole life in dublin now in cork if you mention that "things" name in any other way other that discussed down here you would get spat at!!

hope she goes straight to hell because hell is what H-block was for our heroes!!!

she is satan incarnate !!!!!

I think she has dementia

Wise Guy
It was obvious she was bias towards the Loyalist community in the North during the troubles

I know exactly why i hate her, but i wouldn't was my time talking about the wicked women!

now come on! its not just the irish!

because she could have put an end to the hunger strikes in the H block but she just didn't care, their lives didn't matter to her and Bobby Sand's death is down to her.

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