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what kind of food do they eat in ireland?

I was wondering what kind of food do they have in ireland.

My dad wants me to go with him in 2 years to explore where our ancestors lived and I think it's a wonderful Idea! But I want to know what kind of food would be safe to have there.

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We have a similar diet to Americans, although there is probably less fat and sugar in our food. But you can get everything here - Chinese, Thai, Indian etc.

Irish beef is excellent, so no problems getting a good steak. Seafood is also popular. We have a lot of sheep, so lamb is often on the menu. "Irish Stew" is made with lamb, potatoes and veg.

And black pudding is lovely! Its made with oats and pigs blood. (white pudding is not as good, only ok)

Flame 187
Steer clear of Black Pudding too !!! You seriously DON'T want to know what it's made of.

Other than that, everything else is safe to eat.

you don't know the joke about 7-course meal for an Irishman, sixpack of beer and a potato?

but seriously.....steer clear of the white don't want to know what's in it

are you one of those americans whos great grandmother was from ireland and you automatically think that you're irish?

my granny was born in spain doesn't make me spanish!

but anyway we eat a mix of continental cuisine and stuff like casseroles stews and salads,well i do!

hope i helped

Food is very safe to eat . I'm Irish myself the question you should be asking is where to visit in Ireland . You will probably have a great time if you embrace your Irishness. Fish is particularly good here , you have to eat the traditional foods like bacon and cabbage and a full Irish breakfast. But if you like you fast food we most the big food chains like in the US. Subway Mc Donalds, KFC, Burger King etc etc etc.

Martina L
Everything is safe to have, it depends on your taste! Just read the menues before going into a restaurant. Traditional irish food is mostly potatoes, meat, chicken, kind of plain... but you can get any food you like if you shop at the supermarket or eat out. Also in small villages there are chinese restaurants and "chippers" that sell burgers, chips (fries), fish and chips etc. Italian restaurants and pizza parlours are very common too. Just keep in mind that rashers stands for bacon, chips for fries, crisps for chips, colcannon is basically mashed potatoes, and stay away from black pudding because it's some sort of horrendous blood sausage (my taste of course!).

It's all safe! You'll find many similar food as we have here, especially in the pubs (burgers, wraps, salads, ect.) You will find many foods to eat that you will like. I was there and had chicken wraps, chicken, mashed potatoes, peas, typical breakfast. They have Irish specialities that you can try too.

I am doing a report on Ireland right now and i have found out they eat lots of root veggies like potatoes beets sweet potatoes and stuff like beef and cabbage lots of lamb i mean like Americans eat chicken and beef,they eat lamb.

are you serious? the food is absulutly safe here, you can get any kind of food you want here that you get at home

Irish cuisine can be divided into two main categories â?? traditional, mainly simple dishes, and more modern dishes, as served in restaurants and hotels.

Colcannon is a good dish made of potato and one of wild garlic (the earliest form), cabbage or curly kale, (compare bubble and squeak). Champ consists of mashed potato into which chopped scallions (spring onions) are mixed.

Other examples of simple Irish meals are Irish stew, and also bacon and cabbage (boiled together in water). Boxty, a type of potato pancake, is another traditional dish. A dish mostly particular to Dublin is coddle, which involves boiled pork sausages. Ireland is famous for the Irish breakfast, a fried (or grilled) meal generally comprising bacon, egg, sausage, black and white pudding, fried tomato and which may also include fried potato farls or fried potato slices.

While seafood has always been consumed by Irish people, shellfish dishes have increased in popularity in recent times, especially due to the high quality of shellfish available from Ireland's coastline, e.g. Dublin Bay Prawns, Oysters (many oyster festivals are held annually around the coast where oysters are often served with Guinness, the most notable being held in Galway every September ) as well as other crustaceans. Salmon and cod are perhaps the two most common types of fish used.

Traditional Irish breads include soda bread, wheaten bread, soda farls, and blaa, a doughy white bread roll particular to Waterford.

i love white and black pudding even though i do know whats in there!! you can find prett much everything you'd want to eat in Ireland!

jeff w
fish and of course pork and fowl, potatoes are just a new world thing and it has been added to the diet of the Irish of course in any and all country's as cold and rainy as the fair jewel the people stay indoors and drink what else are you going to do go fishing in bad weather so drink and food go hand and hand and the Irish have always been hard workers and a smart people as a race the roman presence is lacking as there was none even when England was rested from the hand and will of the native born,Erin go brough


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