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where is the best place to move to in ireland? NOT northern ireland?

Ive asked for help in moving to ireland like dublin or wexford but all im bein told is to move to northern ireland but i dont want to, i want to live in the republic! so were is the best place do you think, for an 18 yr old girl with good job prospects to live?

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Magic Bus Driver
I moved to Ireland from UK exactly a year ago. I live near Castleblayney in Co Monaghan in the Republic, just on the NI border. It's friendly, cheap and I can go shopping in NI and use Belfast or Dublin airports to travel.

There is plenty of work round here and I only pay 60 euros a week in rent including all bills.

There are 4 of us living in a big house and there are 6 spare bedrooms so let me know if you would like to join us. We are from Phillipines, Poland, Lithuania and me from London.

Good Luck!

Orla C
You're only 18, you don't have good job prospects in the Republic of Ireland! Go to college and get a proper education, then at least you'll be able to pay your rent.

Harry o
wicklow is your best bet,just south of dublin, best of both worlds

voodoo lady
Dublin........very pricey tho!

Jasmine J
The cities of Cork and Galway are probably the best,Glaway especially.Kilkenny is a nice place though may be alittle on the quiet side out of the summer tourist season.Watereford's come on a bit.Limerick's not the worst but i'd with one of the first two options.
Asregards Dublin it's a good place to visit but living there might not always be easy what with the stressful lifestyle and all the expenses you'll incur

Infinite Distruction* Misery...
Dublin like Lucan great place!

do not go anywhere beyond the pale.

dublin is the best thing ireland has to offer.

and cork is so ****.

cork definatly. dublins much too expensive and unfriendly-everyones in a rush. corks more liad back and friendly. alot cheaper too. you'd have to sell your 1st born to afford rent in dublin!!!!

Terri M
i have a couple friends that live in wicklow....they say it is pretty good there...

Wacky Jacqui

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