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Cigarette prices in Italy ?

Could anyone please tell me the following prices in Italy.

200 Barclay ?
200 Mayfair?
200 Superkings
200 L&M ?
200 Berkley?

Many thanks
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and also in spain if poss

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Im from the US and live in Munich. I drive down to Italy twice a month to spend the weekends at Laggo de garda. In Italy they have different prices for almost every other brand. You can get everything you have listed in your question except the Superkings which I've never seen there. Prices range from 2,50 to 4,50 Euros depending on the brand. Naturally the local Italian brands are the inexpensive ones. Keep in mind that you can purschase cigarettes only in the special tobacco shops .

There isn't this type of cigarette here..
I'm italian and for example I smoke Marlboro Light and costs ? 4.10.


we don't have any of those cigarettes here in italy..anyway prices go from 3.80 to 4.20 euros for a packet of 20 cigarettes. you can't find anything less or more than that. I hope I helped you.
don't listen to people above who said you spend less than 3 euros or up to 7, that's not true.

Tara C
I am not sure about these brands, but I smoke menthol cigarettes. They didn't have the brand that I smoke, but they did have others. They are a lot more expensive than many others. If you can settle for Marlboros you can get them for less than 3Euros a pack in a Tabacchi.

Marlboro 4.10
Lucky strike 3.80
Philp Morris 4.00
Benson around 3 euros

Genius Cook
I think about Euro 4.50 a pack of Marlboro & L&Ms. It's too costly (in many ways) to smoke.

They dont have these types here. IT is very costly to the packs are small and its about 4.50-7.00 euro a pack depending on where you are. Italy also has the law that you can only smoke outside public places no smoking inside buildings. The cigarettes are different too because the Italians always want the american type they like them better.

ope o
camel and camel lights (from philips morris company) 3.60e
diana red and blue (from switzerland, my favourite one) 3.40e
ms (worst tobacco cigarettes in italy i think) 3.40e
the other are alredy described above

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