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Crime rate in Turin and Florence Italy? Moving to Italy and deciding which of the two cities is best?

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Crime rate in Italy, despite the believes, is not a issue at all, we are one of the safest country in Europe even if now we have to deal with lots of no regular immigrants. I would choose Florence anyway as I think is more fancy as city and more small the weather and the surronding are better either

Forget the crime rate (which is, in both cities, much lower than that of any big American city). I would pick Florence because it is more beautiful and rich in art and culture, more international, less gloomy and more fun than Turin.

Im way cooler in real life.
I'm moving to Florence in march. I don't know anything but we should chat.

Claudio C
Well, I find so sad that referring to Italy one always thinks about "crime rate". Some Italian cities are so still and safe you can hardly imagine. Florence is one of the safest. Florence is also much more beautiful than Turin, but Turin is bigger and has a little more urban atmosphere.

Unless you are coming from a very small US town the crime rate will be considerably lower in both Florence and Turin than what you're used to. Not to mention the types of crime. The highest rates are theft, extortion, prostitution and drugs while violent crimes are much much lower than in the US.
Florence is full of tourists, students and expats but it doesn't mean you can't have an authentic experience living there. It's a beautiful city and a great location from which to explore the rest of Italy. The weather is nicer than in Torino and I think the food too.

I suggest Turin, I live there and I love this city

I really love Turin. I lived in the city for nearly ten years and had a great time ( I think you will have a more authentic Italian experience in Turin as their are far fewer tourists.

Food is the best in Italy and the surrounding wine country of the Langhe is unsurpassed. Slow food started in Turin and the city has some of the best foods from chocolates (solid chocolate invented here) to truffles to cheese.

The city center is regal in appearance with wide squares, arcaded avenues (so royalty could walk without getting wet!) and of course the palaces, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Madama, Reggia di Venaria ( the best of them all ) and Stupinigi.

These palaces are an equal to anything that Versailles and Paris can offer and are now UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Plus the alps and the Italian Riviera are nearby.

doll_ the_superla_body
in every city u go to there is crime..
but turin above all is quite famous for being calm and nice
i dont know about florence

I am writing you from torino and of course I must tell you that florence is not comparable to torino as monument and museum
torino is more industrial city have very nice mountain near almost the best for sky is very near to france and Switzerland border and also 120 km from milano
both city are very safe firenze is smaller than torino and probably a little more safe
the only think I can tell you about a person that came in this city is.
that in firenze is full and invase of foroner tourist and in torino is rare to meat a person from usa and is easy may be to make friendship ( I think )
in any case firenze is much mach more pretty ( and mach more expensive )
but for answer well your questions will be better to know what you want to do in italy ?
learn language ? make friends ? work ? tourist ? rest ? or/and........

in any case I can tell you that in italy few people know english and not good ( as me ) and is not very difficult to work as teacher of english
( private lesson or little private school ) if you need support you with a part time job

any way if you think to came in torino e mail me I will give all information may you need with out problems

Andrea A
The best its my city Udine north east

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