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Do Italian people generally Like or Dislike Americans? I've heard the French are Very rude. Should I worry?

I will be driving through Italy and wanted to know what the people are like towards americans? Ive heard that restaurant have a higher priced menu for americans. What should I expect?

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Princess Buttercup
If you at least try with the language, you will be far better off.

Personally, I found that the people in Italy were far more rude than the people in France. Even when I tried to speak Italian, many people would pretend not to understand and would be SOO condescending about it. Don't get me wrong, many people were FABULOUS in Italy as well, but there was a much larger percentage that were rude as compare to France.

Chad [loves you]
i think Italian people are very nice towards anyone.

no, I've been to Europe, and as long as your spending money they could care less where you're from... the french I dont think they're rude, just try to learn the basic language wherever you go, like thanks, hello, how much, etc.... I have noticed that some Americans can be loud and obnoxious at times therefore leaving a bad taste with Europeans, but as long as you respect their culture you'll be fine..

Italiens love Americans since they liberated Italy in the second world war from the Nazis. You'll love it and the prices are not different, just go and eat where the Italiens do, it's reasonable and good food.

Just don't be the "ugly american" and you should be fine. By the way, I'm not sure what it is about the "truely" free world that pissed the rest of the world off. For my money, it is tupperware parties. :)

just learn their language and they won't hate you.

it depends what your personality is though and what the peoples personailties are like

I'm Italian and i think that we are very nice. very outspoken, but we mean well. If your nice to us were nice to you. Have fun and i hope you meet some good people. i think you should expect to have a great time, and make sure you eat lots of food (its the best). if you don't have a man we also have some of the finest.

I think Italians generally like Americans, especially in the south. I come from Sicily and many people there have relatives in America, so America for us (or should I say for them? I live in America) is sort of a place of wonder that not a lot of them have seen, but have heard stories about. Especially if you're from a big town, they will be amazed! But I can only speak for the south when I say that.

However, even in the North they pretty much like Americans. Just don't be an "ugly American"!!!

If there's any issue with America, that's about politics only, so that doesn't affect American people (unless you want to hold a meeting on the matter, of course :)
As for prices in restaurants and other places, it's true but not "a privilege" reserved to Americans only, but to tourists in general (somewhere, like in Venice, even Italian tourists are affected...); it's a bad habit and also it's illegal, by the way (if happens you can report the matter to the police).
But your main concern should be you want to drive inside Italy: many foreigner after visiting Italy say Italians may appear crazy people when driving. Being myself Italian, I can assure you they're right...

I've been to Italy many times, and from personal experience with Italians, they were very friendly to me.

Some people before me have said "learn the language." That's a daunting task....rather I say learn some key phrases and use them often. Italians will appreciate that you made the effort to try to learn their language. Most will figure out that you are an American, and will switch to English. Obviously, not all Italians speak English, but most speak a little.

I am from Rome.
Italian people don't hate Americans, we hate the american President George W. Bush and his choices about war!
But italian people love Americans!
Roman people love Cinema, America, Hollywood!
Some restaurants have higher prices for the tourists, not only for the americans... because they believe that tourists are unprovided :)

In my four times that I've been to Italy, I've only encountered anti-American sentiment once, so I think you should be fine. Italians love it when you try to speak their language!

Most Americans think the French are rude but to be honest you guys hated France for not jumping on the war band wagon so is it any wonder?
My experience of the French is that they are very friendly but can be a bit stuck up some times (just like anyone in the world)
The Italians are a great people, so relaxed and cool.
They may well have higher priced menus for the yank (as they may do for the brits) but I wouldnt suggest eat somewhere that does that. Have a look at the italian menus and see how much they charge and compare it to the English menus. If the numbers dont tally then dont eat there but I gotta say its not a problem I've encountered before.
Enjoy your trip (it's a really lovely place)

Italy is my favorite place. I would like to retire there, but I don't think I could afford it. I think the Italians are nice to everyone, but it is not uncommon for them to try to overcharge you. Most of the time they will "make an adjustment" when you bring it to their attention.


Staci Face
No..they will not overprice you for your meals! Italians love to see Americans they are very friendly. I spent the summer traveling throught to see all of Italy and I don't think a single Italian was rude to me. Some of them get a little too friendly. Ive always wondered why they were so nice but I think its just how they are. I have also been to Paris and nobody was rude to me but they definitely don't watch where they are driving or if anyone is in the road in front of them, they weren't as warm hearted as the Italians were.

tenis fan
It is true the French are rude but Italians are lovely

Ma Dài ?!!
Hi, I'm italian and my hometown (Florence) is full of American tourist

I think that Pinguino is definitively right and I subscribe everything he wrote.
However we have good people and rude people here, the same as everywhere.

Once they got off the boat the let the Marx brothers tell the american people lies. Sort of like Cheech and Chong the two dumb califorinia mexicans.

martin h
The higher you climb in life the more people will hate you. It's called jealousy. That's why people hate Americans.

everything u just said, cultural diferances, and italians cry a lot too

all europeans hate americans. exept in luxemburg...

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