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Mike B

How do the buildings in Venice Italy stay afloat?

I heard that big pontoons are used to keep the buildings above water... is this true? And if not, how do they stay afloat?

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The water is only about 6 feet deep, and the houses were built on wood piles that were very tightly packed together with clay. On top of the wood piles is the foundation of the buildings.

Because there is not oxygen under the water, the wood piles do not decay.

So, they're not floating, they're built on the ground.

Good question!

julie travelcaster
Nope, they go all the way down to the ground under the canals. They are not floating. They are sitting on very large foundations, which, by the way are sinking. If the buildings were floating, then there would not be floods - but there are, because the buildings are resting on the earth.

Italian Boy Learning English
No it's false. The Venice's buildings aren’t afloat but the foundations are on the ground under water.

They are built on earth. Who ever told you that hasn't a clue what they're talking about.

you are joking!!!!!

italy boy
The city of Venice is made up of 112 small islands.

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