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Lynda G

I am staying with family in Italy. What kind of hostess gifts should I bring?

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Bring some things that are native to America (or whatever country you're from!). And be sure to bring some "local" favorites from wherever you are from.

The pineapple thing isn't true. Bring some local products from your area or sports stuff from well known teams-the lakers or the Yankees. Wine they have a lot of in Italy. Think something special that you can get only where you're from.

katie s
bring them a statue of a pineapple. It is a symbol of luck in italy and italians put it in there home. It is sold in some stores there.

flowers. but ask a florist (in Italy) as different flowers have different meanings.

theresa p

Tin of "spaghetti"

Boo Boo
If they are wine drinkers, the best gift would be a nice bottle of wine from a local winery. I made a basket one time that had a bottle of wine, chocolates, and different fruits in it. It turned out very nice.

Silver Star
I like the suggestions to bring something from your home town or state. But if you choose flowers do not bring chrysanthemums(I may have spelled that wrong), they are associated with funerals.
The jellybelly idea was nice, or maybe some fancy soaps or lotions. If they have a garden, something they could add to it. Plants or garden art.

Western (US) items like coke a cola, denim jeans, jelly beans, maple syrup stuff like that. We lived in Naples for over 6 months and truly american stuff is truly appreciated and enjoyed.

Depending on where you're coming from, and how much you want to lug over there... I've always had good luck taking "American" things. I have taken pancake mix and maple syrup, Hershey's bars (even though I insisted that Italian chocolate is so much better), and on the last trip, earlier this month, I got a gigantic jar (4 pounds) of Jelly Bellys from Costco that were a huge hit with my Italian friends.

buon viaggio!

You can never go wrong if you bring a tray of pastries or a bottle of wine to your family. If you are not staying there yet, you might bring something from your town where you are from that they might not have access to there. Most of the time though, sweets or wine is an appropriate "thank you" gift.

Bring a book with photos of your area. Ask them what they like or collect. You only take the vino and flowers if you are going to someone's home for dinner. Forget the pineapple. Take anything that is significant to your area. Most of all, take a sense of respect and humor. The Italians are happy and lively people. Their lifestyle is simple: They work enough to support their family and spend the rest of the time enjoying life. As it should be!!!

Flowers are always good.I think the best thing you could do is bring a picture of something that they would enjoy.

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