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don't problem.

ITALIANS, do women shave in your country?

This question is addressed both, to women and men. I've heard that your nation is not only hairy, but doesn't remove this hair no matter where: on women's underarms, legs, pubic hair. nowhere, and that Italian men love their women this way. Is this true? If so, why is that you are so different from other nations, meaning what makes you let your hair grow? And approximately how big percentage is of those women who don't shave?

As asker, I am on the neutral side. Please answer truthfully. Thank you. Grazie.

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They do shave or should I say prefer to wax and even the men tend to nowadays as well..........although not all the women seem to be too fussed about shaving their underarms!!

ahahahahah sei una fava!

no.... where do you live? how can you believe this stuff? i'm italian and I shave myself and all girls i know do the same... about men...some do it but it isn't common

all this thing of Italians not shaving is a myth,
of course women shave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! d'oh!!!

I am italian and i SHAVE....this is a stupid statment that tossers still made, in the usa ....just move away from your 'hollywood like' stereotype and show, for a change, that you can be an intelligent people (Can you..?).....or should I believe, as well, that in the usa women are all fats as elephants just because some tossers like you are saing that....?Or fishy pu.s.s.y because they dont wash 'there'?
ps: you would find more 'i like to stay hairy' women in the East Europe or even Germany did you know that?Or you are waiting for Borat to find it out....get a life...

um... ok................. what are you talking about.... if you actually went to Italy and stopped believing all those ridiculous stereotypes you would find out the truth which is that all women shave just like in any other country... the answer is absolutely women shave in Italy

but who has said these lies to you? I am Italian and alive in Italy and I shave myself! here in Italy several men shave themselves also! you remove these idiot from the head! Italy is a civil country! ?

This is a stupid question and I hope that you are joking. If you are trying to compare Italy and Italians to a mass of primitives, you have mistaken road. Italy is a teacher in style, the fashion the sport and eating well. Besides the Italian ones are between the most beautiful women in Europe.

of course we do! where this stereotype come from? is quite silly, is it not? silly silly silly...

Genius Cook
Italian women shave.... or have hair removed professionally. This is a myth or maybe was true during the war and soon after it. Now a days with more leg and arms being seen than in the past women shave.
As for men who like hairy woman I think this is personal choice of men around the world.
If you want hair - look for a German woman!

what a funny question?! is it a joke?
but where do you live?
i guess you have never been in italy... come and see

Oh my god, have you ever been to Italy?!? Italians shave everything, and I mean everything! I even know a lot of Italian men that will shave their chest and arms....I'm a woman and only shave my legs and underarms. You really want to know the percentage of Italian women that don't shave?? I'd say it's about 5%, and they are younger than 12. Now, I don't go around looking at womens vaginas, but from friends I would say that the majority of Italian women shave or trim their pubic hairs. These type of stereotypes were true maybe 50 years ago, but not anymore. Also, if you knew how much time and money Italians spent on grooming (even men) you'd be shocked!

I live in Italy.

andrew s
Yes Italian women all shave. I am not Italian but live in Italy and can assure you these primitive myths are rubbish.

That's not true...italian women do shave..
Where did you hear those things?
We aren't very different from woman of other nations...
Maybe the people think that italy and who live there are some kind of monster...but i don't want to think it. this are only stupid way of thinking,...prejudices.

Daniel R
yes... and they like to shave men as well!!

oh my! where did you get those info from ???
We do better than shave, we wax !
Italian women actually do take a very good care of their looks

yes all women and millions men, too, shave themselves in italy, logically!

i think that you americans should study more, because you are very ignorant

For sure, most of the italian girls shave themselves accurately: take good care of intimal hygiene, and remove the hair underarms, legs, pubic.
I don't know where you had your information, but I think it can't be applied to italian young girls.
About hairy heads, there are a lot of variants; it depends also from fashion... but there are a lot of italian girls and boys that do not like to have long hair on their heads.

Its just a myth.....No, they all shave.

One thing I noticed, in west men don't shave their underarms much, its unhygienic and not macho at all if that's what they think.

Marie Grace
Of course.. shaving is also being practice in Italy.

Alex CJ
yes they do, I confirm. percentage of women who don't shave is very little.
(maybe in the 70's... but they do it now)


We do shave our face every morning, but sometimes some of us let a little moustache grow, you know, for the cold.

seriously: who says that women that don't shave are losers is a chauvinist and judgemental person: definitely every single woman shave her legs and bikini line, but some people (men and women) think that a nice trim in private parts and underarm is okay: you don't need to shave it off completely.

liliana c
tell me where you from
some womens lef the hair bot not everybody
we make a bidel everytime we go to batroom
do you know what is bidel....

yes....but in some country is worse..i know that in Canada...if u don't cut your pubic hair....nobody wants to have sex with Italy is not this way!!!

bunny h

giorgio s
i am Italian and my girl is a pinay!!!! ahhh ahhh ahhh!!!

i'm sure there is exceptions to every rule.

if the answer is yes is it not very inconvenient to have hair on underarms during sunny days. it is not hygienic also

Azzurri Man's pet - POKEY
women who dont shave is losers . i prefer all shaved pusssies . dont worry smart italian women knows how to stay out of loser's existance

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