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Is Naples as dangerous and dirty as people make out?

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I am American and have lived in Naples for two years. I have never been robbed or harmed by an Italian. At the moment, there is a trash problem... so yes, one may conclude it's dirty. However, there are some great aspects to this city. I enjoy sightseeing here. Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius are here, just to name a few. I personally think that the good outways the bad in Naples. We will be living here for one more year, and I know I'll miss it when I am back in the states.

I have traveled ALL over Italy... and Naples has the best food by far!

I took a wander through it last summer, and was very intimidated after what I read about it. I went from the center of the city to the San Paolo stadium (which is in a very poor area) and back with no problems. I suggest you stick to the tourist routes and you'll have no problems. I managed to get some help from some locals, even though they are allegedly pig-ignorant (I hate stereotypes), but after an hour or so, it just felt like any other city i'd been to, although it is a tough enough place in parts.

Every city has its problems, and Naples is no exception, but it is a beautiful place with a lot of good parts to it.

...and the die for!!!

lion of judah
napoli has it's problems yes... generally neopolitans are know as being a little shady which on the whole is a shame as they can be very friendly..

napoli is a city which contrasts from the very rich to the very, very poor.. obviously a tourist entering a poor area with designer clothes and a camera will get mugged.... as for dirty yes napoli is dirty they've had a problem now for going on 15 years...

all this is a great shame as napoli is a very beautiful city and any tourist money would help the neopolitans no end..

if you wish to visit campania why not fly into naploli then take the train from napoli to salerno. salerno is a very pretty port city and very tranquill and above all very, safe. it is easy to get to pompeii ,hurculaneum and all the other lost cities on the campania coast and with the added delight of having the amalfi coast on your doorstep. you could also use salerno as a base to explore the delights of southern italy. in the summer there is always something to do be it festa, sagra or open air concerts

I don't know about dirty but it is very busy traffic wise so watch your step and as with any other city you have to take care of your valuables. London is just as dirty and dangerous but it doesn't deter the tourists, does it? Just mind your back and don't go anywhere dark and unlit. Have fun :)

Bud ha
Most of the answers are true about Naples,that's why it is such an interesting place. What I did notice was how clean most of the apartments were inside, the corner shops seem to have more cleaning products than food. If you make friends with a Napolitan, you have a true friend! Oh! they like the English very much....

NAPLES - is Italy's most controversial city: You'll either love it or hate it. Is it paradiso or the inferno? It's louder, more intense, more unnerving, but perhaps ultimately more satisfying than almost anywhere else in Italy. Naples has made world headlines for its cultural renaissance and its fight against crime. Despite Mafia-directed crime, political corruption, prostitution, street hoodlums, chaotic traffic, and pervasive unemployment... etc.

The capital of the region and, indeed, of the whole Italian south. Maybe you will have the feeling that you're somewhere unique makes it possible to endure the noise and harassment, Maybe it's the feeling that in less than three hours you've travelled from an ordinary part of Europe to somewhere akin to an Arab bazaar. Perhaps the feeling that you're somewhere unique makes it possible to endure the noise and harassment, perhaps it's the feeling that in less than three hours you've travelled from an ordinary part of Europe to somewhere akin to an Arab bazaar. Football, too, is a religion here. <*-*>

I'm from Naples (I'm italian and I've clicked on the american flag from Yahoo Answer Italia.)
Naples is a wonderful city. But there's this problem. In the center you won't have any problem. But remember !....When you aren't in the center pay attenction.
I think you are worried about this because you would like to go there. So don't worry....people make out a lot of bullshit. Enjoy yourself in our fantastic city. Just relax and anything will happen to you

Modern Major General
Yep - high time the government got the balls to build a few incinerators, and put the mafia in the burner first!

Maria Fontaneda
In these days it is dirty and dangerous. If you read the news about Italy, you will see that Naples has a huge problem with their garbage.

yes... i think most of napoli is controlled by camorra and mafia and until several months ago there was a feud in scampia.
i'm not from naples but i'm italian and i know how it is. now they have a lot of rubbish except in front of the tourist attraction and the house of the mayor... it's a shame and now they also want to send their rubbish to sardinia and other regions. one of these regions is emilia-romagna, where i live, and i heard they want to build a new dumping ground less than 2 kilometers from my house!!!

i didn't find it dangerous, just incredibly filthy, over crowded, and the men are down right obnoxious. the food in naples is awesome though!

Matteo Man
not very happy moments for napoli....

trust me. stick to the tourist roots. its still a mafia strong hold

On arriving yes, I only went to the port, filthy, very dodgy people & ugly buildings. The island of Ichcia was lovely though, when we finally got there

Usually is not. actually is one of the most beautyful cities we have. but at the moment there is a lot of trouble about rubbish in the streets..schools are closed and there's the army trying to calm down the people. it's really a big deal and all our newspaper write about this right now.
so, for now naples is not fine, but i'm confident it's just a matter of time.

No, "Napoli" is much more: a fabulous city!

eddie f13
no not at all..well a little dirty now with the trash should be over soon and cleaned up. I have been to Naples twice and have never had any problems with the people or with crime. Naples is like any American city. I live between Philly and NYC and you know if your in Philly and find your self of the beat in too could be one of the 400+ people killed in Philly last year. Same as any big city its as safe as you make it. Keep your eyes open and know where your going avoid reading maps on the street and keep your stuff close...look and act like you would in any city and you'll be fine.

They are sending shiploads of their rubbish to Sardinia.
Inept, dirty and inconsiderate.

Yes it is.Pity because it is nice.The people are ignorantly arrogant.

Ilaria C
Forza Napoli!!! I'm of Napoli OLè
Saw Napoli and Die
Napoli isn't dangerous is most beautiful city in the world and you should came here! Sorry but i don't speak english very well

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