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Italian girls don't shave their armpits although they're much hairy. Do Italian men like hairy girls?

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You start to be a bit ripetitive why just dont change a bit your gags to sound more entertaining?...always the same jokes over and over again...whats next again? Italian men who follow blonds obese americans to pinch their buttoms? You know it might make you smile the first time...then the comedian you should change job, never tried dramatic roles?
btw: have you got any life left?Is time you start to find some other interests beside answers....
@ oh look there's your "friend" both could go out for a bier and maybe begging for some sex?LOL
italian women are more sexy than you

You do NOT KNOW what you are talking about! Italian girls and women DO shave under their arms. Why do you insist on spreading False stereotypes??????????? Are you A TROLL???

Yes the hell we do shave our f*cking armpit hair. At least the Feminine ones do. No Italian man is going to want a women hairier than himself.

It's just a stereotype. We all shave armpits, legs and groin.

P.S. And yes, there also natual blond Italian women, as I am.

I'm Italian and I rarely armpits. that's enought!

She dies
Sorry, but I'm Italian, so i know that WE SHAVE our armpits.

Oh you no they are darker than blonde women. so they usually have a hard time with keeping their hair looklikg like they shaved. It used to not matter but either way you can still see the armpit hair. Blonde girls like you dont have worrie about this.

I heard that in the middle east it's a sign of beauty, an indian guy told my mum that she had hair on her upper lip when she was younger and to his surprise she got offended! But then he convinced her that it was a sign of beauty in his culture, I doubt he ever tried to compliment another woman in this country again.

italian girls were stuck not shaving until this last century. i know because i met one and wen she came to my town she started shaving when i had my friends all lift up there armpits. sometmes it takes a while for europeeans to catch up to othe super power of the world.

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