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What do Italian men think of American women?

what is the reputation for us in italy, and what do italian men think of us?

The pretty ones not the fat americans.

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drew a
Italian men are not all that concerned about where you are from.

The "fat americans"
they can be pretty too..

Carla B
American women are the women who live in the American continent!
Do you mean U.S. Citizens?

In Italy, I think Italian men probably stay with Italian women, but this most definitely varies man-to-man (obviously.)
The thing is, most of the world hates us, regardless of whether or not we're "fat Americans".
But then again, we fuel Italy's economy with tourism.
I'm not sure they fully appreciate that.
Although I've always heard from other people that a lot of Italians are just friendly overall.
They have a reputation for being jolly.
The very fact that we fuel their economy could very well mean that they'll be nice to you, but it doesn't necessarily mean that Italian guys get off on American women.
However, of all the places in europe Italy strikes me as the one of the most likely to be unbiased towards us, so I don't think it would be much different as long as you're fairly fluent in Italian.

This is mostly case-by-case, as you probably already knew.
In general, I don't think Italian men are desperately seeking American women, but I don't think they hate them.
I supposed it's like with any country.
The more open-minded don't really care about nationality, and the traditional are probably more likely to stray away from you.

In other words, I don't think Italian men hate American women.

Hello..I'm an italian girl who live in Florence,but I can say you what the italians men think about us ..the italian men love the american women because you are blonde, thin and very pretty...
They like call american girls with these nickname very volgari TOPA, GNOCCA , FIKA, BONA .......

Sorry if I don't explain good...

Bye..Sofi ;-)

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