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Jayson R

Why did she blow cigarette smoke in my face after dinner?

She's full Italian and has been living in the U.S for several years. We've been on several restaurant dates over the past few weeks, but this time she invited me over for dinner. After the delicious home-cooked Italian meal, we continued our discussion over a little wine and she was very impressed with what I said and laughed a bit. Then she blew cigarette smoke in my face, smiled and then said "it would be such a blessing to be your wife", but said it in Italian(I didn't understand and had to ask). She then gave me a big kiss on my cheek. We haven't had sex yet, although I am very attracted to her and we get along well.

She smokes while I'm a non-smoker and this was very very weird, especially especially the "wife" comment. Was this a proposal? I'm not Italian like her so I may not understand Italian custom so well. This experience was kind of perplexing, but I do like her a lot and want to continue this. I'm 28 and she is 39. I've tried to get her to explain herself but her answers have been inadequate or she just acts silly again.
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Josie: I don't know her to be a "thoughtless idiot" which makes this blowing smoke thing very strange for me. She's a very smart, very well-educated lady. Her silliness is not the immature kind either.

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