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Why do Italians hate Sicilians?

I know not all of them do, but my grandparents are from Naples and they said alot of people there don't like Sicillians.

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- Sicily is blamed for the emergence of organized crime.

- Some Northern Italians also believe Sicilians are part Arab/North African, and thus, not really "European" (but as the other poster pointed out, that's not totally accurate - as there were invasions from the *North* as well).

- Sicilians are considerably more socially conservative and devout than most of Italy, presenting the stereotypical illusion in urbane places like Milan, Florence, and Rome that the island is "backward" and "mystical".

Thus, while most Italians are fond of rituals and traditions, Sicilians are looked down upon for actually believing the mumbo-jumbo, as it were. Instead of only paying it lip service like the others.

- These ideas are also coupled with the island's chronic poverty as a so-called explanation for Sicilian "inferiority" compared to the properous North. A bigoted notion for sure.

- Most Italian immigrants to the Americas are from Sicily: Including the largest communities on the U.S. East Coast and Midwest (New York, New Jersey, Illinois), and of course, Argentina.

Though certainly that's not always the case... the large Italian population in San Francisco, for instance, is mainly of Genoan and Florentine extraction (hence, SF never developed a powerful mafia).

- In truth, most of these perceived "differences" are silly prejudices, of course. Europe has always been multi-cultural, with lots of people mixing from throughout the Eurasian and African continents. Organized crime would be a problem even without Sicily. And Sicily is a geographically and culturally important part of Italy.

It's like why some people don't like people from New Jersey, or they make fun of people from West Virginia. "Hate" seems like an exaggeration though - then again, I'm not Italian or Sicilian.

I never knew this, being Neapolitan.

I think it has to do with the fact that Sicily is a mix of cultures. The island has been invades by the Moors as well people from the Nordic region (many of blue eyed blonde in Sicily). They are seen as not "true Italians." Sicily was a poor region with many uneducated people. This is why so many Italian immigrants are from Sicily and southern Italy - they were looking for a better life because the life they had didn't have much to offer. Norther Italians tend to think they are better off than Southern Italians and that the tax dollars of the rich support the southern regions.

Keep in mind these are broad statements and not fact!

familiarity breeds contempt. They are percieved as so much alike, yet they beleive to be so different. The Italians think they are the pure decendants

I don't know, but Sicilian make some of the best pizza.

Because the Sicilians made Ragu.

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