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How do I legally import and carry my gun in Guatemala as a US Citizen? Yes, you can. Solid info is scarce.?

I'm trying to get solid, reliable, correct, and undisputable info as to how to legally import and carry my handgun while on vacation in Guatemala. Yes, I know 100% for sure, it is legal, but even the Guatemalan Consulate here in D.C. is rather incompetent at best when it comes to knowing their own laws and being helpful/accurate in what they say.

Please reply only if you've "been there done that" or can speak with authority. Thanks so much! -- Jeep

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matt chen
what would you do with a gun in guatemala?!

i don't think you should post that question up here, i mean, unless you wanna get caught with a gun.. loll

sorry, i'm no help.. lmao (=

OK, you can. Here it goes:
According to Article #28 of the Arms and Ammunitions Law of Guatemala:
"Temporary Importation of Firearms by Foreigners" Foreigners who want to temporarily bring a defensive or sports firearm to Guatemala, shall present a form requesting permision at the Guatemalan Consulate. The consulate shall forward it to DECAM (Guatemala Arms and Ammunitions Control Department) for authorization. In case of authorization, DECAM shall issue a special and temporary License to Carry, or License to Transport, and shall notify the Ministry of International Affairs in order to command the consular authorities to authorize the documents for shipping. When arriving in Guatemala with the said firearm, DECAM shall verify that the imported firearm is the same that has been registered.
OK, so the deal is that in theory, it is legal and should be possible. I say in theory because like you said, the consulate has no idea what you want. Go again (or give them a call) and tell them that according to the Arms and Ammunition law, they are the ones who should received the documents requesting permision to take the gun to Guatemala. A copy of the said law (in Spanish) is available at this site:
My father and I own guns in Guatemala. They can come in pretty handy. We've never had to use them, but know people who have. Just make sure you conceal it properly (though some Guatemalans like to show them off and carry them openly.)
One more thing, criminal justice in Guatemala is not like the USA. If you have to shoot a thug or robber, just flee the scene (hit and run.) Don't worry, they won't go after you. Especially if the police arrives and others tell them it was an attempted robbery, they won't try to find you. If however, you can't flee and are caught, one of two things will happen: The police will just take your statement and release you (not very probable, but it has happened) Or, you'll get arrested and get ready for a long legal battle. You can probably get bailed out the same day, but it may be a legal hassle. Of course in this case get the Embassy involved, you can legally defend yourself in Guatemala.
Hope you're able to do this.
OH, One more thing!!! Make sure you find out of the laws in the USA, for taking the gun out of the US, and then bringing it back in, you may need a permit for this too.

I say yes...And I say get in touch with the American Embassy in Guatemala...Just to make sure...You have to have permit of course issued by the Guatemalan Gov....I am original from Guatemala and Is my intention to so that when I travel there because is too much crime...Don't show your gun around and you will be OK. Keep it for yourself...I have a friend that sales to the Guatemalan Army and so I know how that works and an Uncle that runs the military in Peten so I know a lot a bout it...For a US citizen or a Guatemalan is not illegal just that it needs to be legal...A permit...
I am lucky so far I haven't have the need to be with out protection so I haven't go and get any gun for myself when I am there...Usually keep a lot body guards or issued security from family etc.

Contact the airline you are traveling on. Ask them.

I have never been, but I was looking online and I found a website for you.
I think that will help you out as far as knowing the law to being able to carry your gun without a problem. Take care and have a safe trip.

I only traveled into Guatamala by vehicle from Belize and they never searched me or my cousin that I was with or the vehicle. We didn't have a gun tho, which was pretty stupid, because Guerrillas tried to get us to stop for a guy they had lying in the road so they could ambush us. We swerved around him and got out of there tho, but you're wise to want your gun with you. I know of a few people who have traveled to Guatamala and had problems with Guerrillas trying to shoot them. Some of them even got a little gutsy and came into Belize where I used to live and started kidnapping girls for ransom.

??§weet Angel??
you can check in these websites

or tell the embassy to ask DECAM if you can take your gun with you.

I am so sorry about the lack of information they have in the Consulate...... please accept my apologize as a Guatemalan citizen.

Casual Traveler
My brother-in-law has taken his gun to Guatemala, but I'm not sure what procedure he went through. If you are a U.S. Citizen, your best bet to get a definite answer is to email the U.S. Embassy at this email address.


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