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How do women from Nicaragua normally look like?

like what facial characteristics or race are nicaraguan women, particularly in the age range of 20-25? I'm just curious.

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women from Nicaragua are mainly dark some are of black decent, others are Miskito Indians, and some are mestizo. women in Nicaragua are extremely poor and they can't afford to buy nice things so they try to look nice with what very little they have. most women over there are either overweight or extremely skinny and i am talking about every day girls that you will see everywhere you go. in some rare occasions you will run into a nice looking well groomed girl. their facial features are mainly average height dark skin big lips dark hair dark eyes.

John H
One thing you will notice about nicaragua women is their smiles. They are similar to other latina women in their body and face. Some are very beautiful and like other latina women from Central America and South America you will notice very fast there beautiful and genuine smile. Also typical are very nice breasts and ample butts. Beyond the physical you will see that they are very loving, very genuine, very giving and very thoughtful.

in live in corinto and let me tell you that mix of blood of Spaniors and Ma yas were a good mix cause the girls here are milklight milkbrown and darkmilk. Have colores eyes small noise and cute mouths, but the best part is the body part small weights and nice breast and sexy ***!

Nicaraguan women are mostly mestizo (mixed White and Amerindian). Amerindian are the Indigenous people that inhabited Nicaragua before the 1500s when the European colonization began.

To know what Nicaraguan women look like you have to take into account our racial percentages. 69% of Nicaraguans are Mestizo, 17% are White, 9% are black and 5% are Amerindian. So Nicaraguan woman are each and every race you can think of. There are Nicaraguan woman of Chinese, German, Belgian, Jamaican, West African, Jewish, Japanese, Taiwanese, French, and Italian decent. Any race you can think of, it is similar with other woman from other countries. The majority of the mestizo and white population live in the Pacific coast (and central region of Nicaragua) and the majority of the Amerindians and blacks live along the Caribbean coast.

Latin America was primarily inhabited by Amerindians before the 1500s. Then, this region became a place to immigrate too, just as the U.S. is nowadays.

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