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How much does a coke cost in costa rica in colons...?

iam going to los suenos for my honeymoon and i want to know a few prices in colons...coke,water,food... maybe mcdonalds...:)))
is there a bungee in los suenos and what else can we do there plz help.... thank you
staying in san jose better than los suenos is there a beach there...?

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wow los suenos is cool, but it aint going ot be cheap! unless before you get to your hotel buy a few cokes, and cans of tuna, bagels and cookies before you check in the hotel.
A combo here at BK with chips and coke is 3850 colones divide that by 515 colones I think thats almost $8.

$1 is 515 colones

you can buy a coke for like 400- 450 colones expect to pay like 1000 colones for a coke on the beach.
water is also 400 colones

a decent meal should cost you 2000 colones in San Joseyou dont have to tip as all of the prices are with service taxes.Please remember that the tourist areas are always more expensive, try to hang more with the locals to get cheaper bargains. Like you can eat a whole meal at a Soda here and it will be way cheaper than food chains, weird but true!

btw its colones, not colons, a small bottle of coke might be 400 in restaurants, which is like 80 cents. a 2 liter is like 900 colones, so almost 2 dollars.
mcdonalds is pretty much the same here as the states. but there arent really many on the beach
san jose is in the middle of the country and DOES NOT TOUCH THE COAST. go to Manuel Antonio Reserve/ Beach, Arenal Volcano, Jaco, Papagayo.
they're the best..
do some research before u come, and map out where to come PLEASE, it will be so much more easier and fun!
congrats and have fun

A bottle of Coca-Cola is about 400 colones

Tico Roots.
between 450 to 550 colones depending at what store you buy it.

The exchage is around 516 colones for 1 US .....It really depends are where you are on what you pay for things....A coke in most restaurents will cost between 500-700 colones....A bottle of water 400-600......If your buying in a super market cokes around 350-450....Micky D's a little cheaper than than states with a smaller menu.....

I'd say no to San Jose for a Honeymoon.....La Fortuna has no beach, but is a great area with lots of beautiful sites.....Also check out Tambor.....Nice beach and great Hotel....Another nice little beach town is Samara.....It's my favorite.....

It depends on the place where you buy it...

2 liters coke 900-1200 colones
500ml water 400-500 colones
Regular coke, frieds, hamb in Mc Donalds about 2200-3000 colones...

I think a coke is around 500 colones. They don't let you have the bottle either. You drink it out of little baggies with a straw.

At a hotel prices are 100 or 200 colones more than usual.
At a super market coke is about 400 colones (less than a dollar) water is about 300 colones.
Food varies from cheap (about 4 or 5 dollars per person(2000-2500 colones) in McDonald's, kfc, etc) to "not that cheap" (about 10 to 15 dollars (5000-7500 colones) at a fine restaurant for a full meal.
You can do lots of things, it depends on what are your tastes on adventure!! ha ha...
San Jose is the main province over here, it doesn't have a beach 'cause it's surrounded by other provinces, but it only takes an hour and a half to get to the nearest beach (remember CR is veeerryyyyy small).
How long are you staying? Maybe I can help out if you need something send me an e-mail.
Good luck!!! =)

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