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Aaron M

What are the similarities and differences between Peru and the United States?

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Even if there are many similarities, once you dig in more, you will find a big difference between both. For example population:

Both the US and Peru are countries with a diverse racial population, but America has a white majority while Peru has an Amerindian majority. In the US you have 73% White, 12% African-American, 11% Hispanic (my guess is 7% Mestizo, 3% White, 1% Amerindian), 3% Asian and 1% Amerindian. Peru on the other hand has 45% Amerindian, 37% Mestizo, 15% White, 2% African-American and 2% Asian.

Both countries are democratic and elect their president every 5 years. But in the US there are mainly 2 candidates and only a portion of the country gets to vote. In Peru everyone has to vote or else they're finned and every vote has the same value on the count. In the US a Californian vote has more influence than a vote from Idaho, here in Peru the vote from a professional in Lima has the same influence than a vote from an illiterate person who has never moved out of the top of a mountain, so politicians take advantage of this and many opportunity seekers gamble on a chance to get into government, that is why we have like 20 candidates on every election and nobody wins on first chance, so 2 candidates finally go to the second round but one is a gamble and the other is not so good either so finally the least worst candidate wins by a 51 to 49 count.

My point is that if you can find great differences between similarities, imagine if I dedicate this space into pointing out the real differences?

Think about it.

I think you have some bad answers. Actually much of Peru is not inhabited because of the mountains or deserts. 99% of the people in Peru do not want to live in the US. Many of the people in Peru do not like the US or people from there.

g r
Well there are sure a lot of differences but no similarities.

These are the differences: in peru education is way way more advance than in america, You will see european cars. mc donalds and burger kings will have more than 2 stories, malls are huge, and clubs don't close untill the sun comes out. Also lost of taxis run on natural gas instead of gasoline.
The similarities are that both countries have good people if you know where to go and have somebody to show you around.

van kedileri
They are both countries with people living there, and they have mountains and a coastline

similarities: both are countries with people, both have mountains, both located on the american continent.

differences: peru is a extremely poor country, like china, small, and over populated, united states is a extremely rich country, big, and not much populated, and extremely powerful.

to compare these two, would be like to compare 2 extremely irrelavant stuff.

99% of peru people wants to become americans.

Peru doesnt have a Kmart I think. :I

This is good but it should be updated $ better this kindfa sucks UR DUMB :/

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