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What is the cheapest way to mail a package to Colombia? I live in South Florida.?

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A friend of mine always sends me packages from Miami to Lima and let me tell you that UPS has a terrible service!!! They charged my friend a lot of money for expedited service and then it took the package 4 weeks to arrive at my door after several paper work I had to fill (the goods inside the box were used books and some used dvds!) It happened twice!! Then he changed to DHL and things were much better. it is not the cheapest but it is the most reliable as in the postal service they open the packages and I've heard a lot of complaints of stolen goods. Sometimes you have to pay more to get the better service and all the things intact.

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Don't know try asking the Post Office, then UPS and Fed Ex DHL

The fastest ways. DHL has a local HQ in Bogota.
TNT has a joint venture with Avianca for International shipments.
UPS covers all Colombia

I usually send mine through the post office. UPS and FedEx are too expensive. If it is something expensive you mgiht want to try one of those shipping houses, like Costamar. We have them here in NY, im sure you have in florida as well. My aunt works for a colombian cargo company so the last time i sent something expensive I sent it through them. Try looking at cargo companies.

We always use UPS from massachusetts to bogota. The one time we used the post office the package got lost! I reccomend UPS!

Just by the post office. its cheap and gets there in 10-14 days at the latest...

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Please try your local post office's EMS service. It's much cheaper sending packages that way.5 time much cheaper than what other courier companies charge.

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