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Where in south america is it warm all year round?

My fiancee is disabled and lived in new york for most of his life, he came down to the southern u.s. (where I am) because the cold was making him hurt too badly....

I've recently been diagnosed with fibromyalgia....and cold makes it flare up, badly....
We both want to move to south america....mostly argentina uruguay, we had considered ecuador....
Is it cold there? I just read that they have extremly cold winters! I thought south america was always hot...or am I being an idiot american?

For health concerns we need a warm climate...can anyone help....and no hell doesn't work...I consider where I'm living now hell.....(southern georgia)

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I'm from Uruguay, and yes, winters are cold and humid, with wind and rain - no snow though, it doesn't get that cold. The other seasons are good, although some days of summer tend to be very humid.
If you want nice weather all year round go somewhere closer to the equator. Still, you should check that it is not too hot.

North coast of Colombia is hot all the time.

Have you considered any of the countries in Central America? They are all warm year around, the cost of living is very agreeable, and they are a lot closer to home so it is much less expensive to travel back and forth when you do want to. Much of South America is closer to the South Pole than the US is to the North Pole, so yes it can get very cold in various regions.

Argentina and Uruguay it can be cold as low 4 degrees Celsius especially in July (I'm using canadian temperature)
Ecuador and Colombia is very warm.
Peru and bolivia is not a good idea to live and venezuela.
Brazil would be my choice and Costa Rica (central america)

49 unbeaten
Colombia definetly...Cities like Cartagena, Medellin, and Barranquilla.

Ecaudor is located in high altitudes which makes it harder to breathe and colder. Argentina and Uruquay have extreme temperatures. When its summer, its really hot and when its cold it is reall cold due to to its proximatey to the South Pole.

Colombia would be the best option. Warm all year round, beautiful people and landscapes, and a good option econmic wise.

In a lot of of South/Central America the temperature depends more on elevation than on latitude. I lived in Costa Rica for a few months in the center of the country, which is at a somewhat high elevation, and it got chilly most nights--I would wear long pants every day (this is also a cultural thing) and most mornings I had to wear a sweater. But then it would get pretty hot around the middle of the day. On the coast, though, where the elevation is low, it gets quite hot.

Most of Ecuador is pretty high in elevation I think, so it would probably get pretty cold at times. And Argentina is kind of far south, so you're back into a region that can get cold winters. I think you're better off looking at coasts around the equator. May I suggest Costa Rica? It's a prosperous, stable country, and a beautiful, "tranquillo" place.

Andy L
I would say the countries around the Equator line and between the Capricorn and Cancer tropical lines: Ecuador and Peru (by the coast), Colombia, Venezuela, most of Brazil, Aruba, Curazao, Panama, Costa Rica, Barbrados, Trinidad and Tobago, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico

Somebody said Arizona ... it is more practical, and they speak english.

If you still want to go to Argentina, at least I will clarify something here... the ones who told you about Argentina are wrong.
I the south (closer to Antartica) there are no more than 3 months of warm or kinda weather.
In the middle (pampas) you have the 4 seasons, can get very hot, like florida, or very cold kinda NY.
Temperatures?? in Celcius somebody said 4 degrees ... got no idea.
It can get easily from the place I come from (middle of Argentina) as low as 10 to 15 degrees below 0 (Celcius) Farenheit lower than 0.
Not usual but you can find a good couple of months of cold ok weather.
But in the north of Argentina ( 8th largest country in the world) ... it is very warm all year around, to the east provinces like misiones, beautiful (iguazu falls) but moisture in the air.
In the western part, more arid, same as Arizona. Cheap land. Dry but ok all year around. There is elevation .. you may find some cold days (30 something) but there will be just a few days in a whole year.
I know Atlanta can get pretty cold in winter time.
Good luck from Orlando,Fl

The coast of Ecuador is warm all the time (almost unbearably so). It's also extremely beautiful and relatively cheap compared to the U.S.

Mini Shrek
Miami in USA

It is always warm in the caribean coast of colombia, and not only the climate but the people too!

A lot of the people here seem to not know where south america is, since they mention central america and the caribeans.

Ecuador is warm on the coast, but in the capital can be very cold somtimes (it's too high above sea level)
Argentina and Uruguay are very cold in the winter (they are too far south)
Colombia, always warm and very beautiful.
In the northeast of Brazil is always warm and amazing. this would be my recommendation

Check out Yuma Arizona, always warm here.

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