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Can I go to Tijuana, Mexico from California by using my school ID or do I need a passport?

I'm going with my familia to Tijuana, Mexico just to buy some medicine. I don't have a passport do I need a passport to go to and from Tijuana, Mexico. Or can I just use my school I.D. or my birth certificate. Thanks if you can answer. Muchos gracias.

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The passport is at present a prerequisite for flights into Mexico.

Using land travel you are still good to go with proof of citizenship like the birth certificate (original or certified copy) and proof of ID like the driver's license. People aged 18 years and below may just provide proof of citizenship.

After June 1, 2009 this will change and you will need a passport, passport card, or enhanced driver's license denoting the citizenship for land and sea travel to Mexico.


Kierstin C
need a passport

If you are going by land you don't need a passport until June 2009. If you are going on plane you then need a passport

thelomes sayayinleo
i live in tijuana! and work in san diego
i cross border everyday!
i dont use my american passport.
but you probably do need ur us passport if u dont cross every day

now in days u need a passport

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