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Can a permanent us resident travel to Mexico and back without a passport?

If someone who was born in Mexico has their US permanent resident card can they travel to Mexico and back to the US without a Mexican passport? I've found several conflicting answers on this, does anyone know for sure? The biggest question is will they be re-admitted to the US with just their US permanent residency card and maybe a birth certificate?
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Charlie thanks for you answer. This is actually for my wife, we just got her green card and we want to go to Cancun for a week. We have an appointment to get her Passport but the Mexican consulates are even slower to get you passports than the US. Her appointment is actually two weeks after we'd get back. Thanks again, I have been worried about this for a while.

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If you have your green card and a gov't issued photo a drivers license, you will be ok. However, you will need a passport starting next you no longer have your Mexican passport, you NEED to get one. You can go to a Mexican consulate in the U.S. or a passport ( INM) office in Mexico to apply for a Mexican passpot. See 1st website can even fly between the U.S. and Mexico without a passport. however, it would be very wise for you to get a replacement Mexican Passport. See last sentence under "Entry requirements" to read that green card holders may re-enter the U.S. with their I 551 permanent resident card. See last sentence in the 4th paragraph of the 2nd website below to see tha green card holders do not need a passport to re-enter theU.S. from Mexico.

No the INS will require you to have a Mexican passport along with your "green card".The birth certificate won't work since it does not have a photo to confirm that it is you.

Stan P
The Mexicans will want to see a passport. They will not accept our Permanent Residence cards for their purposes. The card is all you need to reenter the United States.

Angie R
If you are originally from Mexico and are a permanent resident with a green card here in the states you will only need what is called a Mexican counselor I.D (matricula consular) to travel out of the country and back in to the states. Have a Blast.

taylor s
nope. just get a passport!

Gata de Barrio
I suggest to wait and get the mexican passport. Mexican airports are very goofy about those things.

I have an american and mexican passport. I use the American one to enter the US and viceversa to come back. I my last visit they made a big (and idiotic) fuss over the fact that the little paper they give to you when to leave Mexico in case you want to come back was in english. I whined that the card says the exact same things the spanish version has (where was I born, if I'll be travelling by car or plane, how long will I be absent from Mexico and purpose of the trip).

The customs lady finally gave up (the policy is idiotic on the premise that a lot of mexicans who live elsewhere for many years threw the paper to the trash; I only kept mine because I was in the US for only a few weeks on vacation). I know people who simply use their foreign passport to enter Mexico because it's such a pain in the tush to enter Mexico as a mexican sometimes.

I suggest your wife to try to get a Greencard if you've been married for long enough. The wait is only 2 years now and the main requirement is that she has lived in the states for 5 years, no felonies and speaks fluent english. She can then enter Mexico with more ease than many mexicans. >_<

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