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Can anybody tell me what are the worst places in Mexico? Such as really bad like The ghetto or something??

I just want to know some of the worst places in Mexico ... I don't want to know none of the good places because I am doing a project about the bad parts of Mexico so can somebody help me out please? Thank you.

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Most of the border towns:
Nuevo Laredo

Are you wondering about Mexico the country or Mexico City? Mexico City is so big that it has something like 250 "neighborhoods", and one of the worst ones is called Tepito, where even some taxi drivers are afraid to drive. As for Mexico the country, obviously Cuidad Juarez has a bad rep, as does Mexico City actually, and some of the poorer places in the state called Chaipas, where there is still some Zapatista movement going on....look those places up and I´m sure you will find more info. However, I have lived in Mexico City for almost two years and it seems to me like Mexico´s reputation exceeds itself and is worse than it really is....Yes, it can be dangerous here, but so can any big city! Good luck:)!

Ana V

La colonia que esta junto a San Juan de Dios en Guadalajara,Jalisco (can not remember the name of the top of my head).

Tijuana BC can be a bad place in some areas, but so are the Paris and London areas of crime, homelessness and druggies. Agree on Tepito, DF but it has a great witch market.

worst city ever
ive been there at night and its scarry
not a good place
a lot of crime

Mexico City: Tepito, Lagunilla, Colonia Doctores, Col. Buenos Aires, Salida a Texcoco, Las Arboledas.
The worst place in Mexico City is Iztapalapa. That is where you hear most of the murders, gunfights, rapes, etc. Tepito has a bad reputation and it is dangerous, it is a big street market so as long as you are walking in the market area the people from Tepito will defend you.
In the provinces there are many insecure places:
Normally in the downtown area of cities and its surroundings. Also in the bad neighborhoods which are in the outskirts, you can tell because they don't have pavement on the streets and houses are in pretty bad shape.

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