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Can you walk across border to Mexico without a passport?

I keep finding this: If traveling to Mexico over land, you don't need a passport until June 1, 2009. Yet some articles say you DO or SHOULD have one to go to Mexico at all. I know I needed one to go to Cabo by plane in July of 2007, but wasn't sure if my boyfriend would have to have a passport to walk across the from Texas to Progreso??? I have one, but he doesn't and we have had this trip scheduled and it just occurred to us to check about passports. Has anyone walked across lately without a passport and if so, what did you use (i.e. ID, birth certificate, etc>?) Please help! Peace & Love.

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Not anymore, you will need to get it to avoid any problems when you get back.

Mama of 2
Not in CA... You should check with your border control. Why not just get one. They're only $90 for 10 years! Go to your post office and get the application.

u need an id and birth certificate. i live in laredo texas, the border to nuevo laredo, tamaulipas and know for sure. my family always goes across. they keep changing the date of when u need the passport but as of right now until next yr u won't need the passport. as a matter of fact my mom and sisters just went this past saturday and its still the same, good luck!!

Mike R
At this point all you need is a birth certificate and DL. And I crossed yesterday with just my DL. If you don't think you will leave the country the passport card sounds like the way to go. passports books are a hassle.

all you need right now is a DL and birth certificate. i live close to the mexican border and walk across pretty often. another option is to apply for the passport card, which can be used for walking across the border as well as for cruises. if you're gonna fly, then you need the passport book.

You can go w/o one until the deadline. The Border Patrol might quiz you a little bit though.

You don't need it to cross the border, but you'll need it to come back.
Mexican authorities won't ask for it until you cross 25 miles into mexico. Us authorities will ask you for it.

But you can also use a combination of Picture ID and birth cretificate.

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