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How do people make a living in Mexico?

please put your sources

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Tony Camonte
If all else fails, their kids can sell gum.

Chicle! Chicle!

michael g
I retired at 41 and live in Acapulco have quite a few gringo friends that have done the same . But don't tell anyone ........

Bill S
a small middle class, teacher, lawyers, accountants,domestic workers for the rich....AND the rich or 1% of the population owns all of Mexico...the money shipped back from illigals in US amounts to millions..that does not go into this ecomony....the 1% incourges this also, to keep dumping their unedcated poor into the US to keep a revolution from happening..

Dr. House
Much as it might surprise you, Mexicans make their living: working or trying to find work. And if they do not find work they try to find work in the US. You probably thought they made a living sitting under a cactus dressed like Speedy Gonzalez or running around shouting Yippi Yippi Yippi.
Wake up and smell the coffee.

Just like every other country. The tourism business is big, new construction, food production, education, medical services. Your sources can be found on the internet, use them. Keywords Mexican economy.

Like everyone else.

Mexico is a NORMAL country, like all the countries in the world. It has high, middle and low class.
People work in all kind of jobs: from presidents of companies to the maintenance/cleaning people.
Also, contrary to popular belief, Mexicans are hard working people, so usually they'll have two jobs, or for example, women sell jewelry or other things between their friends besides their jobs, or they'll be working in an office and studying a career at night, I can confirm this since I work at a University and I see a lot of older people (from 25 to 45 years old) working and studying. The reason that they work so much its because even though Mexicans have degrees sometimes is hard to find a jobs that pay well.
So, as you can see, its not that different from other countries, even though Mexico is a third world country, you can see that the USA has a similar situation in the job sector.

Sexy house music
they work like everywhere else.

WE do the same things you may find at any other place, the differences are what percentage of total population is at each economy sector, in rural works (mainly farming, but not only) we have in Mexico about 30% of population while in USA there are no more than 3%. The average money income per capita or family is not a good way to understand the family economy in Mexico, because the distribution is very widely spread (it means, the difference bettween those who earn more and those who earn less is very, very big; the richiest man on earth today according to forbes is a mexican: Carlos Slim Helú).

I could tell you what I, and my family, do to make living:
first, I went to university (wich is uncommon in Mexico), I'm a Vet (Médico Veterinario Zootecnista or MVZ, or in english "DVM"); we own a farm, we produce milk, broiler chicken and lamb; we sale that and we live on that. This is a family corporation, I'm manager on the dairy, another brother is manager on poultry and another in sheep; my dad manages the crops. I have been in USA visiting dairy farms at Wisconsin, Ohio, Illinois and Michigan; and actually there are no differences beetwen us, even our workers are mexicans (only the owners were different), the size of herds, the way to produce, the feed stuffs, everything is similar; well, except the buidings: we don't need walls in winter, and also we can crop on winter (we can have two or three crops instead of only one), the land is cheaper in USA (here it costs three or four times more) and also the water, so the feed is cheaper there than here. About other things: we are more crowded, our parties are funnier, the food is better here. The human work is a product, since we are more crowded and we lack a good educative system, hard workers are too much in Mexico, wich makes them cheapear, and of course, beeing neighbords to USA, where it "hard workers" are more expensive, it is an atractive to low educated poor mexicans

Learning to do your own Research is an important part of your educational experience.Please do your own homework or at least post your questions in the "homework help" section of Yahoo Answers.
Thank you for your consideration.

>>>> please put your sources

Mexico is not on a different planet. They work at the same things everyone else in this world does. Mostly they just get paid less and many work on the land farming. Lots of tourism jobs as well

DC Bob
They are human beings living in a free society. That means that they work for a living. They do do get welfare/dole/or other handouts.

Noticed in your profile that you like pink and shop at Abercrombie & Fitch Stores (even if you cannot spell cool). Hate to tell you but they are only in the USA, Canada, and the UK. So maybe you should not go Mexico to go shopping.

This is my help from Washington, DC, United States of America.

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