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AJ Stumpy

How far to drive from houston to mexican border?

i'm looking for information for a road trip i'm taking this summer. i just want to go with a friend into mexico for a couple of weeks to see what it's like. i'm not really looking to do the touristy stuff, i want to see what real life is like. i lived in argentina for a couple of years so i already speak spanish. does anyone know how long it would take to drive from houston to the mexican border? and then once there how far until we get away from american culture and into real mexico? and what kind of security precautions should we take if any? thanks for the help everyone, you guys rock

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From Houston to the Mexican border (just past McAllen or Brownsville, TX) is about 360 miles, about a seven-hour trip.


i think you need to go to at least monterrey...saltillo maybe...but really, go into central mexico. to aguascalientes, zacatecas, guanajuato, michoacan...well geez, go to all of it if you're taking a road trip.

there are tons of cars in mexico with texas i don't think that's your security risk. my biggest piece of advice...cross the border right after first light...and get past nuevo laredo as fast as you can. seriously. don't stop for gas or anything. just get to the highway and go. once your beyond that...i would say only a freak occurance would land you in trouble. stick with the toll roads for the most safety (they take only cash, bring pesos) but honestly...i have never felt unsafe driving in mexico, even on the free highways....EXCEPT in the border towns. just never be there at night and get through them as fast as you can. know EXACTY where you are going so you don't have to roam around or stop, and you'll be fine.

well it's 353.3 mile to loredo which is righ ton the border, it also depends at what part of Mexico you want to enter

Dwayne A
Bienvinedos Tejas, amigo de Argentina! I am a life long Texan that have traveled the globe.

Several years ago I drove a dying friend to Texas border. Our ultimate destination was to Mexico City to the Shrine of Maria de Guadalupe to accomplish a "Promisimo". It took about six hours from Houston, including a brief rest stop in Corpus Christi. We arrived at Matamoris, a border town at the tip of Texas. We put the car in storage at a UHaul and continued or our car in Mexico is not advised, as the roads can be treacherous and car thiefs are possible. Take your passport as it might be necessary when crossing the border.

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