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How much money do people make in Mexico?

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Usually depending on the job, the daily rate can range from $15.00 to $75.00. It all depends on the job and the area of where the person works. Bigger cities pay more. Population and demand lets them do it!

Depends, there are a lot of poor people and very rich people. The second richest man in the world is from Mexico.

Average joe without an education (but did get to go to school) is making about $75-$150 a WEEK, max! My uncle was in the process of becoming an architect (but he didn't), and he gets paid about $160 a week... Mexico as a nation is not poor, but the majority of the people are. Only a handfull of people get financed for a washer/dryer, much less for a credit card, car or a house. If you've been to the beach, these people working there have it good compared to alot others. Then you have your big city people that have job security (somewhat), but most people live on a day-to-day basis. Most people live with the family until they get married, even thereafter too... times are hard over there, and unless you've been to the "real" Mexico (outside the resort areas) or have lived in Mexico for a few years, it's hard to understand how people really live and survive down there...

About 10,000$ per year, on average. Basically, about 1/4 of the U.S. average salary.

However, I am not sure about the inflation and all. I think Mexico is cheaper than the U.S. in general, so the purchasing power is probably about 1/2 of the average U.S. citizen's purchasing power.

Mexico isn't really as poor as percieved and has some neighborhoods which are absolutely filthy rich. Also, the division between the salaries of the rich and poor is enormous. The poor are among the poorest in the world, thus wanting to go to another country (U.S.) and the rich are very well off and have no ambitions of leaving their country.

In general, Mexico has one of the best growing economies in the world.

well it depends cause some people don't even make 1,000 pesos which is 100 dollors here those are the poor the rich ones it depends how much they get paid some make a little more than 100 dollars

I've been to mexico twice. Cancun specifically. Going to mexico again in October. When I asked a cab driver, how much money he made a day, he said something to the tune of $5/day.

All the best.


What Ram said is pretty much what it is.

It really depends on your education, there is poor and rich people just like in any other country.
The people in the show business makes good money, actors, singers, people who has a degree. just like here.

Now living in Mexico is less expensive than the US, so you can actually get a car and a house and don't have to spend your life paying for it.
College is not as expensive as in the US. and is as good (or maybe better then some) as the ones in here.

4 pesos per day.

about 150 bucks a week . it depends.

Depends on how much money americans throw at them at the boarder

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