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How to Send Packages from Dallas, TX to Mexico City Cheaper than UPS/FedEx/DHL/USPS?

I am trying to send merchandise and gifts to Mexico City via non-traditional courier service. I have heard that there are people who are in the business of transporting packages on their vans or trucks on their weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly trips to Mexico. They charge reasonable rates $20-30 per box, but I haven't been able to find them in the Plano, North Dallas area (or even the DFW Metroplex). Does anyone know someone who you have heard of or used their services to transport stuff to Mexico City cheaper than FedEx, DHL, or UPS (or USPS for what is worth)? Any help with contact information will be appreciated. Regards and happy holidays!
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There are plenty of honest immigrants that do this for a living, transport gifts, boxes, sort of courier, but cheaper than traditional FedEx etc. They are not too stupid to carry illegal substances to easily get caught. They carry honest merchandise on a weekly basis and make a fortune of all the fees. Sophie, you made a very stupid comment that did not help, please refrain from posting useless comments if you are going to think negative. Thanks!

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I would post an ad needing services on Dallas. I know for a fact that there are many, many people in that area doing just this, unfortunately, I do not have any contact info for them. I always had good luck with DHL and not too pricey, but I was always only sending one package.

i heard they have dhl in mexico city

There are people living in San Miguel de Allende (mostly ex-pats, but also some Mexicans) who have a post box with a Texas company. Letters and packages sent to the post boxes are delivered to the clients in SMA. Perhaps they or similar companies serve clients in Mexico City.

How often do you need to send packages and why? I have a residence in Dallas and in Mexico City, and I travel back and forth. I also have contacts for the services you seek, but they are very limited in capacity. I also have friends and family who travel back and forth frequently.

Send an email to me. Maybe I can help...

Sophie B
The people you speak of transport illegal substance's....If you found such a person, if the border guards found your package they would seize it for avoiding customs....

Use UPS, it will get there fastest and safest......

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