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Is Cancun Mexico a really dangerous place to visit? PLEASEEE ANSWERR!?

oki i'm heading for Cancun Mexico tomorrow and i'm staying at Terra Carribe hotel. In the website it looks beautiful but now i'm having second doubts due to this youtube video i saw of it. Also people have been telling me that the situation is getting worse and worse by the day. PLEASE help and answer i don't want to put my life at risk..

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King of CancĂșn
In the hotel zone of CancĂșn, Mexico it is not dangerous. Just to let you know though... this hotel is not in the part of CancĂșn you are thinking. It's NOT in the hotel zone where it's beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise, blue water. You are in a section known as El Centro. El Centro is the real city of CancĂșn and not the hotel zone.
Don't listen to the people telling you it's scary and bad and all the Mafia stuff. That is all hear say. Don't believe any of it. CancĂșn is a tourist destination and very safe.... safer than most of the major cities of the US.
Your hotel though isn't in the actual hotel zone like I mentioned. You aren't going to like it. I'll give you a link to look at pictures of it and read reviews, but it's not anything you are going to like I think. I'll also show you a location of it on a map. You're not going to be by a beach or anything. Sorry, but it's a dump. It's probably to late since you are going tomorrow, but I would cancel it. Good luck to you and just make the best of it.

Perfectly safe, when sober. Unless you're interested in getting involved in hardcore drug smuggling, you've got nothing to worry about.

David C
It can be at night. Don't get to drunk. Watch out for the cars. The police are bad. Don't talk to them if you don't have to.

carlos o
That is all the media exageration. I live in mexico city supposedly one of the most dangerous cities in the world and in my whole life living there nothing has happened to me appart from seeing a pair of robberies in poor areas.
If that is mexico city, a city made to live in, not to visit Cancun should be much safer.
Never beleive the popular media, it is controlled by private investors and the goverment.


they are always saying that Mexico is dangerous to make so that us Americans hate it...most of Mexico is safer than most parts of the US

Big D
If it was dangerous the US government would tell you not to go.

Just went to Cancun in SEPT. & stayed at the RIU carribe. It's no unsafe at all! I mean in the airport they have military walking around with there crazy guns showing and what not, but that actually helps lower the chances of having any trouble... but anyways, I mean you're prob staying at a all inclusive, I assume... so just don't be in some place you shouldn't be when it hits dark! haha duhhh.. but besides that, it is fine....when i went I like to go to the markets downtown, not near the tourist area.. it's called market 23 it was a lot of fun and very safe... just know where to get off of the bus and what not && ur fine.I loved my trip and im sure you will too! It;s like this... cancun needs the tourist to have all those people keep jobs, so u better believe it's going to be safe

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