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Topless beaches in Cancun, Mexico?

My fiance' and I are booking a trip to Mexico with an adults only resort. It is not one that boasts topless sunbathing, but we were wondering if it is easy to get to a beach that does allow topless sunbathing? Is there any totally nude beaches in Mexico? I read that it is generally more acceptable in the Riveria, how far is that from Cancun?
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We are planning on staying at the Golden Parnassus, but we may change that to Sun Palace if we get the extra money to do so (and yes, I know it will probably be worth it)

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North Beach on the Island of Women three miles off the coast of Cancun.

sun palace with stay and play is awsome there are 4 ithinkand with stay and play you can visit them all most beaches are topless in cancun there are several tottally nude beaches i have been dozen times its great if you like tooparty

Mandy O
topless is pretty much accepted every where in cancun now. there a number of nude beach south of cancun but tied to resorts. There are roughly 4 oe 5 of them now....

Big Kat
If you are staying in Cancun on the Hotel Zone you will find this are is kind-of at your own risk and up to the hotel. All the beach areas in and around Cancun are public access. There are no Private beaches. However, you have two choices to get to topless beaches. One is Isla Mujeres this is an island just off the coast of Cancun. Take the ferry from Puerto Juarez, takes about 20 minutes for around $6.50. Rent a moped and ask for Playa Norte. Next you can travel about an hour and a few minutes to Rivera Maya and ask for the Nude beach. The bus out of Cancun to Playa del Carmen will caot $8.00 one-way. Or you can rent a car.

Alicia in Cancun
Public beaches are top optional...most of the hotels have their own rules about "their" patch of sand.

Nude beach is south of Cancun called "Secreto" in Riveria Maya (about a 1-hour drive).

The beach is not protected by the police or life guards. Please don't take any valuables with you...if you rent a car make sure that you lock the car and carry the keys with you...since you will not have on a suit guess you will need to wear them around the neck or wrist.

Have a great vacation!

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