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Little Miss Sunshine

What does New Mexico look like?

Me and my family are taking a trip to New Mexico and I was just wondering if it is pretty and if it is interesting.

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well there are a lot of desert and mountains but the mountains are beautiful and there are some forests too and they are real pretty Albuquerque is real nice and so is Las Cruces If ur comin to New Mexico u got to go to either white sands or carlsbad caverns cuz it is so nice also the state capital Santa Fe is nice but Kind of boring Well Hope u enjoy ur trip

Most importantly, New Mexico is not in Mexico. You are in the wrong area.

But New Mexico is a one area of the US with charms that set it apart. There are geographic things that make it special, but also cutural things that come blending of US,Spanish and Native American influences. There are some nice towns (especially Santa Fe and Taos), but a lot of junky towns also.

Yeah its the best thing on earth. If you like deserts.

Geographically, you will see lots of mountains and deserts. There are some very nice cities there, with interesting things to do and some wonderful shopping. Have fun!


playa dude
New Mexico is beautiful. Albuquerque is the largest city and Santa Fe is the capitol .It is rich in history and very beautiful country.Home to a lot of native americans and rich in culture.You will have great time and you might learn

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