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What is Mexico known for?

Could anyone give me an answer?
And quick!
Something a teacher would want to hear!
And no tourism things okay?

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mexico is known for its pyramid ruins. Also for great food. Mexico city is known for being the most polluted and overpopulated city in the world (I think).

Don't even get me started girl.!
Mexico is know for how every state of the 32 states in Mexico are so different even though they are in the same country, every single state in Mexico has a different accent, gastronomy, flora,fauna, weather etc. Also to the smart, educated people who see past the immigrant situation, Mexico is also know for having good family values.
Or how about our jungles, forests, beaches, deserts, natural resources, wildlife so on and so on.
And the thing that makes us the most proud is that the most intelligent Mesoamerican civilization is located in Mexico; The Aztecs.
Mexico is also known for being deeply religious. La Virgen de Guadalupe is the most important woman in Mexico, people from all over the country go on a pilgrimage to visit her to La Villa in Mexico city, people even make a pilgrimage kneeling down.
All the richness in our indigenous communities.
The Mariachi, or how about La Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, (UNAM) which is the oldest University in the American continent, YES! including the USA. The New York Times considers it to be in the 100 most important universities in the world.
I could go on forever but i wont since i think you have enough to pick from.

heres one most people dont know TEQUILA is only made on the state of jalisco and cant be produced anywhere else in the world.

A rich and beautiful culture. Advance civilizations Aztecs, Mayans, Izapa, Teothuacan, and Toltec. These indigenous civilizations are credited with many inventions in: building pyramid-temples, mathematics, astronomy, medicine, theology, and the wheel.

There are plenty of things mexico is known for...
They are the makers of Tequila and here is a little known fact
Vanilla also comes from Mexico in fact,vanilla is so hard to cultivate properly that for a long time, Mexico was the only place you could get they do it in Asia but the origins of the vanilla can be traced back to Mexico....

Is the place where the USA gets rid of their toxic waste.

peter k
Really Nothing of any consequence, You Notice that all the truly civilized and successful countries in the world are white Anglo Saxon Celt countries...All the rest just wannabee


Mariachis and its tacos, well its food it is so good

tocos, burritos,

not to offend anyone but here's part of the truth nobody likes to hear:
illegal immigrants who steals american jobs and who occausionally commits crime like bashing my car window and stealing my radio set that I work so hard to buy; police cannot id them because they don't have real documents. They take away our welfare and don't pay taxes.

Some say there's some legit workers out there (those are legal immigrants), but who knows.

Emilio N
illegal aleins

Tequila,drugs,poor. A place that does not care about their ppl.

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