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Why do people leave Mexico and come to America?

What's wrong with Mexico that makes everyone want to leave so bad?

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Mexico is beautiful but unfortunately you can't survive on beauty,,,,,There is to much government corruption and no descent paying jobs for people. alot of things cost the same overthere but the people get paid allot less. minimum wage over there is like 40-50 dlls a week if they are lucky.

Jeff C
While Mexico is rich in natural resources, a corrupt government and a land-rich ruling class keep the vast majority of the people very poor. These poor folks come to America where even our worst jobs are better than anything they can find in their native land.

Better pay.more jobs.

they come to america so they can get a better job and raise their families in a better invironment

money, duh.

Mexicans leave Mexico for one simple reason.... the opportunity for a better way of life.

America is conveniently located just above Mexico and with a little effort, anyone can make their way into America both legally and illegally.

Quite honestly, I don't blame them for trying. I would do it for my family if I were in their shoes. Wouldn't you?

The most common response is, they are looking for a better life.

Have you ever been to the real Mexico? Not the touristy places, real places. It's a very poor country.

the big reason is proximity and the huge difference in wages. I'm actually always surprised how the number of people that leave mexico is not greater. It kind of makes you think when you're at border cities, such as Tijuana and San Diego. People in the Mexico side doing the same job are payed some 8 times less than someone living on the other side. Cost of living is definitely not 8 times less. It's like this all over latin america, but in Mexico's case, it's the proximity... and the amount of extremely poor people mainly in southern Mexico, which has been the source of the new recent wave of immigrants.

Rafa Méx D.F
I'm mexican and I live in mexico city.
here in mexico and latinoamerica the life is hard.
I have white skin and green eyes and we are iqual here!!
to E.U it agrees to him to have illegal!!

Soy mexicano y vivo en ciudad de méxico.
aquí en méxico y latinoamérica la vida es dura.
Tengo piel blanca y ojos verdes y somos guales aquí.
a E.U le conviene tener ilegales

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ In the U.S.there is more money, better job oportunities, and more of everything,,,so it´s very difficult because we are your neighbours, so to the poor people from Mexico it´s hard not to go and seek a better life. And many family of the "poor people" are already there, and the family in the U.S. tells them how much better life is there. bye

Mexico is a second world country, not a third world country. Nevertheless, there is tremendous poverty there. I lived there for 10 years and in my experience it's not that people want to leave there, it's that they want to improve their family's life by earning money. Some do want to stay here, of course. But the majority, I think, do not. They just want to work.

But it works both ways. It might interest you to know that there's a large number of Americans living ILLEGALLY in Mexico, too. They don't go there to work, obviously, but to take advantage of the lifestyle they can afford. But they go on a tourist visa and then don't leave, so they're as illegal as any mojado up here.

Then there are the retirees living down there. Some estimates are as high as one million Americans retired there and there will be a whole lot more as the baby boomers retire. They love it down there, as do I. We'll be joining them when we retire.

The government sucks. Plus, have you checked the exchange rate from a Peso to the US Dollar? Yeah if I lived there, I might try to escape too.

First, they have a racist bigoted government, that is pro Spanish and negative Mexican. They get no support, period, because the upper crust of the Mexican society do not think that lower class Mexicans are not even able to have an intellect. In other words, much the same as white supremacists feel about blacks. Two, they like American dollars. Very few of the Mexican border towns on the Mexican side even accept peso's. It is much easier to bargain with American dollars. Third, This is the greatest country in the world. Mexico itself does not take care of its poor. The USA will take care of illegal immigrants before they will take care of those that are here legally. In other words, they never have it so good in Mexico.

its run by Conservatives! every thing about the government is conservative! 1. they don't believe in birth control 2. they don't have minimum wage 3. 99% of the wealth is owned by 1% of the rich 4. 99% of the tax dollars go to the military 5. they have no social services [ no social security, or welfare or food stamps, or good schools for the poor etc.]

Just to be different ... it's too hot south of the border

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