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Matt W

how much do things cost in mexico?

im going to monterrey, what are the price comparisons to the US preferably florida. eg alcohol, taxis,clubs,eating, ect

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The biggest bargains are Booze. Smokes, Vegetables, and almost everthing is at least half price.
You should hear from a gentleman that goes by the handle "Kino" and from what I have gathered is in Monterrey and has been for many years.
I have only ever passed through 10-15 times

ok for what your looking for your going to get a bargain but everything else is more expensive in mexico than the us.. i went to jalisco they never once charged me a entrance feeat a club unless there was a live group but still it was only a 2 dollar cover fee the beers were a dollar each cheaper if you didnt get corona or pacifico a good tequila is about 3 to 4 dollars the way the exchange rate is right now and they give you like 3 onces of tequila instead of one. if you want the whole bottle and thats what i do so if you want to invite chicks its about 30 dollars and they give you a table glasses ice and soda and good tequila none of that suaza or jose cuervo crap taxis are also cheap eating i would have to say the cheapest you can get 5 tacos and a coke for under two bucks have fun

I presume things can change in different parts of the country, but gas is in the $2.20 per gallon range in Baja these days.

Beer is usually around the equivalent of $1.50 to $2.50, but sometimes you can find it a little cheaper during a happy hour, etc.

If you order "national drinks" they will be cheaper; depending on the brand, as low as $1.50 to $2.50 a mixed drink. That means with booze from Mexico. You will find that foreign brands are not cheap, (say $4.00 to $5.00 depending on the brand) and sometimes particular brands or taxes can drive prices even higher.

Taxis can be tricky because there are several different kinds of public transportation. Regular transit busses will usually cost you around 50 cents. Routa taxis (on a regular route) can cost $1.00 to $1.50; and Taxi Libre (taxis not a route, not free) will cost $3.00 or more, depending on the zone or how far you want to go. There will usually be a sign in the front window telling where they are going.

Taxis from a bus station or airport must have a special license, and they charge more. Always ask the driver for a set price before you get in.

Depending on the type of club or restaurant, the prices can go up from there. The nicer the venue, the higher the costs... and there are some very nice restaurants and clubs where you will pay plenty. On the other hand, you can also find a taco for $1.00 to $2.00; ceviche tostadas about the same in neighborhood stands.

You will find many restaurants advertising the "comida del dia" which is their set menu lunch for $5.00 to $7.00 and it will include everything. Nicer restaurants... higher prices.

Obviously there are "specials" and "promotions" where you can get other deals. Tourism is down, and if you are at a location that depends on tourists, they may have some better prices... but as you can see, most are pretty reasonable.

The current exchange rate as of today is about 13.4 pesos to the dollar, related to the prices above. So if something is 36 pesos, that is about $3.00 US. Keep small bills with you and never pass up the chance to change a larger bill if you are at a gas station or market where you have a chance. Places often don't have change.

Monterrey is a pretty cosmopolitan city compared to many others in Mexico... at least by reputation.


None O
For price for taxi, go here. I think it's somewhat comparable, at least in areas where tourists are common.

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