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Andrea Reyes

what are some differences between Spain and Mexico?

i need to know this for spanish class. i need to know stuff like: political division, the history the geography, types of governments, foods, traditions etc..

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Well, there are many, it would be like comparing the US and England, as the US was an English colony they have some things in common mainly the language but even that has its differences. It's the same for Mexico and Spain.

Only that Mexico also has a very rich native culture that still has some influence nowadays, there were many groups before the Spaniards conquered us and we are a mix, the result of both cultures is the Mexican culture.

History is obvioulsy unique to each country it has no comparision, the thing bonding us is that they occupied Mexican territory for 3 centuries.

Political division is very similar, we are both democracies with an elected president, but you will find more info on wikipedia. The king does not make decisions, the monarchy does not rule anymore, they are more like a decoration.

Geography, wow! we have the most amazing beaches, and there are jungles, deserts, mountains, it's a vast territory with many different landscapes. They have beaches but not as nice lol

The difference between mexico and spain are:

- Spain is in Europe.
- Mexico is in North America along with the USA and Canada.
- Mexicans speak differently than the Spanish.
- Spain has it's own culture
- Mexico has it's own culture

There are tons more differences, but these are the main ones.

economic development and traditional values. Spain has a far more advanced economy. Mexico still holds to traditional values that originated in Spain and that are falling out of favor there.

The only thing I can tell you is that even though they speak spanish they each speak it differently.

ivan pastor
food drifrent politics is the cartel not the president and they kill people like nothing

here there some:
mexico do not have king like spain, goverment in mexico is democrat spain is socialist
mexico belowns to spain from 1521 to 1827 as a viceroy no as a colony like everbody thing.
in mexico the spanish discover many of vegetables and fruits like avocado, cocoa (chocolate), tomatoe.
mexico has states and spain has provinces.
i hope this helps

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