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Ray R

Seto Bagh " Wake of the White Tiger"?

I heard from my freinds and colleague that this Novel is like "HAVE TO HAVE " in personal book collection. I heard that it is a good novel of Nepal's History. How is it ?

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True that it is good novel on Nepal's history but however, in some parts, it is fiction too. But fiction too has a relevance of that period. It is a very good book. I myself have read it for four times and I am proud that it is in my collection. I'd suggest it should be read, at least once, by all the Nepalese.

Yes, it is a good book to know the art and history of Nepal. It was written in Nepali but later translated to English due to its popularity. If you are interested to read it and add in your collection, there is a special offer (autographed copy) from the publisher/seller.

ManUtd 4 LYF!!
my friend got that novel......i dont think she is completely done with it, but the last time i asked her, she said it was pretty good.

Seto Bagh "Wake of Tiger" is a Nepali novel Written by Diamond Shumsher Rana. It is the representer of Nepali's historical n cultural value. U will love to read it n try other novels also like Sumnuma by B.P. Koirala, Muna Madan By Laxmi Prashad Devkota.......

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