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Best place in New Zealand to live?

I'm from the UK and looking to emigrate to New Zealand... And I was wondering WHERE ARE THE BEST PLACES TO LIVE???

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depends on who you are what personality age etc but auckland is the biggest and has the largest population, and its cool!
. good weather, hot and sunny not too many showers
it has lots of tourist attractions..
it'll be a gud place for a over seas person to live

queenstown is nice, it has like the hills and stuff, snow, nice landscape and stuff most people like retire there

dunedin is nice if you like the cold, your from uk so u myt be used to it?
i went down there not too long ago, and it didnt stop raining lol... i dont know much about dunedin but like i wouldnt mind living there. dunedin has like skiing and penguins and stuff

wellington is the capital and its windy there, famous for is. havnt been there, well once when i was like 2 i think and yup

oh yea and christchurch! love christchurch. its very nice, different to auckland, its flat and sumtimes it snows too(never snows in auckland)
christchurch is the garden city. its a very pretty city

so yea its really up to you but i would pick auckland or christchurch

ps dont live in hamilton

Tania C
Erin gave a great answer, except that she hasn't given you any South Island options, so:

Nelson/Marlborough - lots of sunshine, lots of National Park area, great outdoor activities, and quite handy to Wellington - in fact some people commute (though, you'd need to have a pretty well paid job to justify the expense). The area has lots of native bush, great wine, and great seafood:

Queenstown - the real estate is comparatively expensive (though probably on a par with Auckland) but it offers a great lifestyle: lots of outdoor and adventure activities, and skiing in winter. Plus, it's another great wine growing region, and Central Otago has always grown great fruit (apricots, cherries, etc).

Dunedin - I'll admit a bias because I live in Dunedin, and love it. Dunedin is cooler than more northern parts of New Zealand, but it still offers a great lifestyle. It has a great university (the University of Otago - the oldest in New Zealand); sailing in the harbour, and surfing on local beaches (within a short distance of the central city). It has lots of natural attractions - penguins, seals and Royal Albatross on the Peninsula. It also has great cafes and restaurants, and a pretty good nightlife - thanks in part to all the students. Plus, it's handy to other wonderful places - like Central Otago, and the Caitlins, and only a few hours from Fiordland. Dunedin was recently rated as New Zealand's best city community.

The biggest city in the South Island is Christchurch - again I'll admit a bias, because it's not a personal favourite. However, you would get more international sport and entertainment, there is a very good university (the University of Canterbury), it's handy to some great ski areas, and some good surfing.

Auckland and Wellington are 4th and 12th best cities, respectively, in the world in the most recent Mercer Quality of Living Survey - if that helps you with your decision :)

A good real estate site - so you can check out how real estate prices compare from place to place - is

Wellington. Hands down.


Christchurch - Most English City

well the weathers miles better ,so I think they are suggesting that it has many quaint lil gardens n well landscaped

I lived there for 20 yrs and its a 'friendly city"
perfect for families and so many family friendly activities some free , all easily acessable

all kinds of accomodation

check out ( to rent)

nightlife ( my sons tell me) .........."Goes off"

Well, I've chosen to live in rural Southland. Everybody whinges about the cold weather here but it's warmer than anywhere in the UK. I used to live in Hampshire. A house is more affordable here than anywhere else in NZ. All the reasons not to live down here no longer apply now we've got broadband Internet access. Sure there are a lot of inbreeds, bigots, idiots and religious nuts in Southland, but there are plenty of real people too. Now that we've got a lot of residents who came here from Africa, Asia and South America, you can buy exotic food ingredients here, Invercargill has ethnic restaurants and our food is no longer boring. You can see Stewart Island from our place, and the places close enough for a day trip include Milford Sound, Te Anau, Queenstown, Wanaka and the Catlins Coast.

Stay in the UK we have enough of you guys already! Ha ha.

Best City is Wellington, although the Brits tend to like Nelson because it has a combination of urban amenities and glorious nature. And its only a 30 minute commuter flight to Wellington but has the advantage of being in the South Island, which is the place most Brits seem to covet the most. If you can make the transition to a small town (55,000 NZ's 10th largest urban area) you will love it and the climate is pretty nice, even in winter, without too many extremes of temperature. The worst thing about Wellington is the Weather.

If you don't think you can handle living in a city smaller than 1 mil, then your only option is Auckland. But honestly, as cities in NZ go, Wellington kicks butt.

What kind of lifestyle do you want?
I know of a couple of people from the UK who live in isolated or places out of my town just because they can and love it.
Other people want the cities, others want a rural town etc.

If you want a decent city, the main ones are all ok I guess, but I prefer Christchurch as its the second largest in the country so it has lots of things to offer and is not too far from some amazing scenery eg west coast is only 3 or so hours away or to ski fields eg Mt hutt, there are the port Hills/Banks penisular which has mountain biking, walks etc.
THe weather is better than the UK having more nicer days ( and hot ones in the summer) but getting a few southrly storms in the winter, a dump of snow per year and frosts ( with a touch of smog)...but its still good for the most part compared to the UK and places further south.

I live in the South Island and have for most of my life ( living in Marlborough, Christchurch, Oamaru, near Franz Josef Glacier) as well as a couple of years in the UK ( and 6months in south auckland which we will not discuss).
If you want a smaller town with decent weather then Nelson is nice as its on the water compared to the smaller Blenheim ( where I live). It has a couple of national parks ( able tasman and kahurangi), walks, beachs ( eg kaiteriteri is wonderful!), the Marlbrough Sounds are pretty amazing too!
As I said it depends on what you are looking for as smaller places will not specialised jobs and different areas have different industires eg , viticulture, agriculture, horticulture, indusrty etc.

More details would be great.

It depends on what you are after. Auckland is New Zealands biggest city, and has a little bit of everything. Auckland has most of the big events, and the best shopping. Personally, Auckland is my favourite city in New Zealand, but that is very much biased as it's my hometown.
Hamilton is abour 2 hrs away from Auckland. Its a fairly small city, but some people like it. I find that it's quite far away from everything.

Wellington is a great city- It's the capital, and the center has a great atmosphere. The houses there are old style villas, and I find it rather homey.

New Plymouth is a small city around 5 hours away from Auckland. The weather there tends to be slightly colder, but it is a costal city, and nowhere in new plymouth is more than 10 mins away from a beach (the nearest beach to auckland is about 30 mins- 1 hr away) . It has many great parks with free entry, and a great relaxed atmosphere, and is great for things to do. The shopping there is generally good, with a nice choice of shops.

Personally, I think New Zealand is a great place. The weather tends to be VERY cold in June/ July, and its summer is in December. (just in case you didn't know.) New Zealand in General tends to be slightly warmer than the U,K during most seasons, but that dosen't mean to say that it dosen't get cold. Bring warm clothes!!!

Good Luck Dude, Hope this helped :]


Luke L
there are too many answers for is entirely a fantastic country, so maybe asking where NOT to live will be personally i think Christchurch, Wellington and Napier are the best places i have seen in the country

Lucky S
WELLINGTON.. no doubt!!

Brandon T

Not too big but not to small. perfect size and has everything you need.

As much as I hate their Rugby scene and some of its attitudes I think Christchurch is overall the best city in NZ. And it's the best for anyone English.

As for countryside, anywhere! except perhaps the Buller gorge. Some parts of Northland can have locals who are hard to take as well.

And smaller centres? I'd recommend Hawke's Bay, Tauranga, New Plymouth, Nelson and maybe Rotorua or Taupo. I wouldn't recommend anywhere else at first, maybe after a few years yeah but not at first.

Mate your Question should be Where not to live in NZ ? Answer there isnt any its all good

Les R
Waikawa Bay at Picton (south Is)

Dan S
Paritai Drive Orakei in Auckland darling

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