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Nikki D

How long does it take to drive from Auckland to Paihia on The Bay of Islands?

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oh, I did that back in 1993 and it was just beautiful but sadly I don't remember how long the trip was ( a few hrs perhaps) I did it the daybefore leaving that beautiful country so it couldn't have been that long

edit: found a link: approx. 4 hrs.

i used to live in NZ. hey, just look it up it google maps or sumfng??
do some research/...

There is a website where you type in where you are travelling from and then where you are travelling to. It gives you as accurate length of time as possible and directions to get there.

It states on this site: From Auckland Central City to Paihia - 2 hours and 37 minutes. The trip is: 233 kms.

This site is great, you can enter in what street you are leaving from and the street in the other town you are heading to.

Hope this helps.

3-4 hrs. Depending on traffic and road works e.t.c.

Three hours almost exactly if you don't stop.Two hours to Whangarei and one hour from Whangarei to Paihia.

Driver T
Three or 4 hours, but make it an all day trip by turning at the base of the Bryndrwyns and going via Matakohe, Dargaville, Waipoua, Hokianga and Opononi.
Check out Google maps, or go to

It's about 3 hours straight there, or 4 hours if you stop a few times. I did the trip last year =)

Check the NZ AA Site - it gives driving times and also roads closed due to 'slips'.

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