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Can you use paper driving licence for car hire in Spain?

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Trevor h
Not on its own.
The paper license and photocard are only valid if used together.

Yes, my boyfriend works in a car rental company and they rent cars all the time to people with paper licence. As long as it's identifiable as a licence and not out of date it's OK.

The paper licence is accepted with a passport, You should carry these documrnts with you in the car along with any papers the car hire company give you for identification when stopped by the police. To make it easeier and less likely to loose everything try and get a photo licence, only took my dad two weeks to get his back. If you do not get it back then you can ask the dvla to send a fax to the car hire company to say you are eligable to drive, Thsi will be accepted with the passport. Hope you can understand this and hope it helps. Marie

Peter C
There are two things to consider: what you ask i.e. about hiring a car, and what the driving law is. If the Guardia Civil Trafico stop you, only the photo one or an international driving permit (get them from local AA offices) is valid - and remember there are on-the-spot fines for drivers AND passengers not wearing seat belts everywhere - towns, villages, motorways - and in the back of taxis.
It depends whether you mean the paper part that you get with a photolicence, or the old-fashioned green paper licence: The first one needs you to have both this paper part AND the photolicence (and they often ask for passport too!); the old paper licences are not really valid Europe-wide, so you should really upgrade to one of them. It is also very much like a Spanish residencia card, and most supermarkets, shops and filling stations will accept them as photo-ID which saves you carting your passport around with you at the risk of it being stolen.
The change to a photo-licence is free if you are notifying DVLA in Swansea of a change of address, so if your details are not up to date, now's the time to do it!

Yes you can. Have done it many times. You must also have your passport. If it was not acceptable by the police (Guardia Civil) the hire company would not allow you to hire with it. It is acceptable by the Guardia Civil, but you will need to have your passport with you at all times.

old know all
In theory yes. The big firms are OK, but you can never be sure about the small ones. They will probably also want to see your passport for photo ID.

mustaffa ciggy
yes its a valid licence

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