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Do I need a prescription to buy medicine in Spain (Barcelona)?

Hi, I'm going on a holiday to barcelona and I have heard that the price of the prescription medicine I use are much cheaper there. In know that in some countries all medicines are over the counter available. Somebody knows how the situation in spain is?

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You can buy many drugs over the counter here, I would advise you to bring the box they are packed in, show this to the chemist who will then tell you if he can supply it, they often can sell you the equivalent drug made by a different company, it is like this in the USA I have bought many things that are supposed to be PRESCRIPTION only in the UK, quite often they are cheaper than paying the price for the prescription in the first place......!

some medicines are available over the counter a lot cheaper than UK prices,I would bring the medicines you require with you then take a packet to the chemist and ask if you can buy them and cost.
You can buy antibiotics from chemists in Spain.

Sometimes if you run out of prescription medicines you can go to a doctor and get a prescription but of course you will have to pay full price for it.

It depends on what medication you´re looking for. if its a usual Rx that needs a prescripcion then you´ll need one here from a Dr here..some medications that are over the counter in one country may not always be over the counter here so check ahead of time..

Take care.

Bcn_mimosa from Barcelona

It really depends on what the prescription is for, some meds are available, some need a prescription that are available over the counter in the UK.

SOC JO! A capite ad calcem
You need a medical prescription,of course you do,otherwise they won´t sell it.There´s some medicines such as aspirin that doesn´t need medical prescription.But if you are under medical care with prescriptions,make sure you bring them over.
Of course,you are going to have to pay the 100% of the prescription,as you aren´t in the Spanish social security.
If I were you I would bring them from my country anyway.(Depends on the prescription we are talking about)

Prescription drugs can be cheaper provided you are being prescribed a cheap drug. If you are being prescribed a drug in your own country, it may be much more expensive in Spain. If you can get the Spanish equivalent then it will be cheaper, but they may only give you what you are already taking.
Many drugs can be bought over the counter. If you ran out of medication you were taking, you can always go to a doctor of farmacia with your EU health card, but you will still have to pay

Surely it depends on the specific medicines. Some meds aren't available AT ALL there. I have a friend...Prozac...really should be on it, but can't get it.

Yeah, you need prescriptions for many meds. I know someone else who goes to both Spain and Mexico frequently. She ALWAYS picks up a couple of cycles of penicillin when in and no scrip. But she has all her students BRING a cycle of antibiotics to Spain...not only do you need a prescription, but I guess, wait times at the doctor and all, you don't want to mess with some things. I would suggest you bring a prescription slip from your doctor, and if there's anything you can get without, you should get as much as they'll let you, and either keep the slip, or toss it.

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