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Do Mexican citizens need a visa to travel to Spain?

I've heard the mexican citizens can travel to Spain with just their passport, but I'm not to sure about it and i have a friend that wants to go to Spain. So does anyone know anything about this? please help...

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Citizens of Mexico may travel visa-free to Spain and the Schengen zone for tourist visits of up to 90 days; they must however meet the general entry requirements for visa-free travel. Mexican citizens traveling to Spain for private visits will be required to have an Invitation Letter (Carta de Invitacion) or a hotel booking confirmation for tourist visits. Passengers may be requested to show visible means of support covering their stay of ?62.40 (1,150 pesos) per day or equivalent in other freely convertible currency, onward or return tickets and all documents required for their next destination. .. ..

I should think so, they are two completely different countries after all. Its like saying that french speaking people from Canada get to go to france with a passport, simply because they speak the same language.

Kate J
for under 90 days, nope. Your visa is included in your passport up to 90 days for any Schengen country(s)

You can search "Schengen", and you should be able to find a full listing of the Schengen countries, and the countries that have different classes of visa needs.

*Edit* There seem to be a number of people here who don´t know the difference between a "visa" and a "passport".

I was assuming YOU did...I still do. Passport, you need. Visa, no, not for under 90 days. And WHY would anyone assume you were planning to immigrate illegally?

Yes...are you seriously asking this question!
of course you do...If you are traveling outside of your realm well then yes

Might aswel forget about the 90 days....... this person is just asking because they are planning on going to Spain and then NOT returning. I HATE illegal immigrants GRRRRRRRRR

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