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How much do a 200 carton of cigarettes cost in alicante/benidorm?

how much do a 200 carton of cigarettes cost in alicante/benidorm???

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Pompal '09.
These are the current prices from the Official Tobacco price list:
Dunhill - 35 euros.
Embassy No 1, B&H, Regal, Silk Cut - 31 euros.
John Player Blue & Marlboro - 31 euros.
Berkeley & Superkings - 30 euros.
Lambert & Butler - 29.50 euros.
Royal Crown - 28 euros.
Fortuna - 26.50 euros.
Mayfair - 25 euros.
Richmond - 24.50 euros.
JPS (Red, silver & white) & John Players Black - 23.50 euros.
Sovereign & Royals - 23 euros.

These prices are all for cartons of 200.

Amberleaf & Cutter Choice 10x50gms - 25 euros.
Drum 10x50gms - 30 euros.
Old Holborn & Golden Virginia 10x50gms - 35 euros.

Got back 2 days ago and can confirm these prices to be correct. When buying tobacco products make sure they are purchased from official tobacco stores (tabacos) which all should charge the same under Government supervision.

An example of what to look out for is shown below.

depends on the brand...

Fortuna, very cheap

jps 24.50 mayfair 25euro superkings 30euros

7.5-10 euros

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