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marie w

I am going to spain in may but my passport runs out in august can i still travel?

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Yes you can.
This site will tell you all you need to know regarding British passports

Most countries want six months after the date of travel just to make sure you don't end up getting stuck in their country.

The Spainish consulate answerphone says that as long as your passport is valid for your time out there it is OK, so if you are going for a week or 3 in may, then your passport is covered.

I done this in october to the 31st, my passport ran out Nov 18th - I was fine.

British passports (as well as passports from the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) are required to be valid during the duration of the visit.


You do not need a minimum of validity in your passport to travel to Spain.

You can travel to Spain as long as the passport is valid.

Any children included in the passport must be under 16 years of age.

rosey s
as long as it is valid 3 months after you return you will be ok but if you want get it renewed befroe you go

Eddie B
Be four august o.k. Or renew your passport earley.

Better renew it before traveling if you intend to return after it's expiration date. Homeland Security has tightened up all kinds of restrictions in the last five years.

probably but just to be safe i'd get it renewed.. when mine expired in aguust i couldnt travel past june.... bc what if god forbid something happened and you were stuck in spain !

You can try to travel but if the passport control are being sharp about the date, technically your passport must have more than six months validity on it, certainly when you are flying to most countries. (Which I always think is a bit of a con because when you pay for your 10 year passport, you only actually get 9.5 years as most countries require you to have six months validity left on your passport). Oh well... moan over.

A B -m.u.f.c forever
i think you need at least 6 months left on it to travel my friend had the same problem with her passport. i would ring the travel agents or the passport office and ask for their advice just to be on the safe side.

ring and double check its only certain places that will not let u travel with less than 6mnths on yr passport aint sure if spains one of them

Don't know where you live so, if in UK ring the Passport Office is best I think.
Then get it via the Post Office. They do a very good service.

Doh not without a passport, unless you want to jump in the back of a lorry, thats what everyone does to get to england!

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