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Mallorca or Marbella or Malaga?!?!?

We have a 5 day vacation next week,
we decided to spend 2 days in Barcelona,
and we want to know which is the best city to visit (beside Madrid) in Spain in the 3 days left,
is it Palma de Majorca island,
or Malaga, or Sevilla, Marbella, or else?

Helpful comments are very appreciated!

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Great question... I went last year and actually spent 5 days between all of these places you listed. Seville is great for 1-2 days as you can see the amazing Cathedral as well as Plaza de Espana amongst many other amazing sites as well as catch a flamenco show... but if you want to make the most of it, you definitely should to to Granada to see the Alhambra. It's absolutely amazing and a must see if you're in the region. You need to go online and make a reservation as they limit how many people can visit each day!

We flew into Seville from Barcelona (airfare is very inexpensive on Iberia, Spanair or Vueling). Return air was <$100 US. From there we spent a couple of days then rented a car and drove down to Granada (2 hrs) then down to the coast and thru to Marbella where we spent 2 days (and also went to visit Gibraltar). Marbella is very beautiful as well but more of the "lifestyles of the rich and famous" feel...

since you short on time, perhaps Seville for 2 days with an overnighter to Granada and local area?

Car rental was about $25 US/day....

Have fun!

Ibiza may interest you


I got to Marbella every year in the summer- it is very nice. It's upmarket, extremely chic and the people in Marbella reflect this. So don't go if you won't feel comfortable with them. Also, Marbella is expensive.

Mallorca is a nicer, more middle class area that probably best suits you- there is a lot to see and it isn't that expensive.

Malaga- no way.

So, in the short, go to Mallorca. =]

Marbella is one of the Mediterranean's premier holiday resorts, However for the ultimate in coastal appeal it would be hard to beat Puerto Banus, just west of the town. This is the place to watch the world go by or window shop at one of several of the world renowned fashion houses and boutiques. See for details.

Maybe go to seville do the sightseeing thing, it is a fab fab place and then come to Malaga, see a bit of that and then fly home from Malaga airport. I have lived here for 3 years and never been the Malaga until easter just gone, its a great place, but while I am thinking about it, its probably similar to Seville with cathedrals etc, except Seville is on a more grander scale, Marbella is nice but expect to pay lots of money to eat, shop, etc.......have a great time, and bring some wether with you if you are coming from the UK, its raining here!!!!

Joan el guiri
Malaga is a dump. (sorry but what does it have?)

Marbella is a modern concrete vision of apartments and is a prime example of how to pour concrete for 30 years. Thanks to Jesus Gil and his predecessors). It is VERY expensive and the rich & famous moved on years ago.

Sevilla is great and is culturally 'the real Spain' with ancient buildings a real old quarter, flamanco Tapas and bull fights.

Mallorca has beautiful countryside but you will need a car.

Culturally it has to be sevilla.

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